13 Scary Hawaii Activities for your Hawaii Vacation

Scary Hawaii Activities

Three years ago I wrote a post about the Top 5 Scary Hawaii Activities. Since then I have had a lot of “scary” experiences in Hawaii and I thought it was time to update the list. In honor of Halloween 2013 here are my Top 13 Scary Hawaii Activities for your Hawaii Vacation.


1. Koloa Zipline is a beautiful Kauai zipline course near Poipu.  On line 5 we were encouraged to free fall backwards without holding on – they call it the “Huli Maka Plunge.” It took me a while to gain the courage to fall backwards but once I did it was the most exhilarating feeling.  If you are looking for a day of fun and thrills be sure to reserve Koloa Zipline Tours. Click here to read more about my day with Koloa Zipline. Click here to order Koloa Zipline Tours.

Best Kauai ZIpline Tours



2. Parasailing is one of the most popular Hawaii Activities. I was very nervous as we ascended almost 500 ft above the ocean. The amazing views and the experience of floating above Waikiki made it a fear worth conquering. For more information click here. To order Oahu Parasailing click here

Hawaii Activities Parasailing



3. Snorkeling Tunnels Beach – Tunnels Beach is the location where Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a shark. It is also a popular location for Kauai Snorkeling. I was willing to push my fear of sharks aside and was rewarded with some of the best snorkeling in the world.

Hawaii Activities Tunnels Beach



4. Line at Ululani’s Shave Ice – After hearing so many people rave about Ululani’s Shave Ice on Maui we couldn’t wait to try it. When we arrived we were almost scared away by a very long line. Luckily we didn’t let the line scare us. The line moved quickly and then we enjoyed the best shave ice in Hawaii. Ululani’s Shave Ice is so good it is rated #1, #2 and #4 as the best Maui Restaurants on Tripadvisor!  Don’t be tricked into missing out on this treat!

Hawaiian Shave Ice



5. Jet Lev is your chance to soar over Maunalua Bay in a water powered jet pack. There are not many Hawaii Activities more thrilling than Jet Lev! For more information click here. To order Jet Lev click here.

Hawaii Activities Jet Lev



6. ATV Tours are some of my favorite scary Hawaii Activities! I was afraid and very cautious as I drove up and down scenic Kauai trails at the beginning of my first Hawaii ATV Tour. By the middle of the ATV Tour I was driving as fast as I could and making the most of every curve. ATV Tours are a great way to experience the beauty of Hawaii! If driving an ATV doesn’t scare you then maybe the fact that you will be covered in mud by the end of these Hawaii Activities may seen frightening!

Kipu Ranch Adventures ATV Tours



7. Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck on the North Shore of Oahu is a great place to go if you want to protect yourself against vampires. The shrimp scampi is flavored with garlic and served with garlic covered rice. You can even order garlic hot dogs at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck!

Giovannis Food Truck Garlic Shrimp



8. Helicopter Tours – If you have never experienced a helicopter ride it can be a bit scary at first. This is a fear worth conquering in Hawaii. There is so much beauty in Hawaii that can only be experienced from a bird’s eye view. Hawaii Helicopter Tours offer spectacular views of waterfalls, sea cliffs, lava flow and more!

Hawaii Activities Helicopter Tours



9. Dole Pineapple Plantation boasts the world’s largest maze. The Dole Pineapple Maze stretches over 3 acres and includes nearly 2.5 miles of paths crafted from 14,000 colorful Hawaiian plants. A stop at Dole Pineapple Plantation is included in the Oahu Grand Circle Island Tour. If you don’t have time to go to Dole Pineapple Plantation you can have fresh pineapple delivered to your Oahu hotel! Be sure to try a Hawaiian twist on the traditional jack-o-lantern and carve a pineapple!

Hawaii Activities Dole Pineapple



10. Germaine’s Luau is not a scary place. In fact from the moment you are picked up in Waikiki and enjoy an entertaining bus ride to the delicious food and amazing show it is fun and relaxing. The scary part of occurs when they invite the audience on stage to dance.  I was convinced to go on stage to learn the hula and my moves were frightening. Click here to read more about my fun filled night at Germaine’s Luau. Click here to order Germaine’s Luau at a special discount.

Hawaii Activities Hula Dancing



11. Quail Egg Sushi is one of the scariest things I have ever eaten! Sansei Sushi in Waikiki makes it fun and affordable to try new and “scary” things with their Early Bird Special. On Sundays and Mondays from 5:30-6:00 receive 50% off food at Sansei Waikiki.

Hawaii Activities Sushi



12. Kayaking Skills John and I had a great time kayaking and hiking to Secret Falls on Kauai. The scary part was our terrible kayaking skills as seen in the video below. We had a blast on the tour and it is one of my favorite Kauai Activities. Click here to read about our morning on the Kauai Kayak Tour with Kauai Hiking to Secret Falls. Click here to order this Kauai Kayak Tour.



13. Chief’s Luau would most likely be described as hilarious not scary but the last time I went to Chief’s Luau we were treated to a gorgeous full moon as the backdrop to the Chief’s Luau show. Whether you make it to Chief’s Luau during a full moon or a new moon you won’t experience any tricks at Chief’s Luau – just an evening of treats and memories for a lifetime! Click here to order tickets to Chief’s Luau at a sweet price!

Hawaii Activities Chiefs Luau


Have you experienced any scary Hawaii Activities we should add to the list?

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