3 Oahu Hikes You Don’t Want to Miss

Best Oahu Hikes

Oahu has some of the best places to hike in the world! We have chosen the best Oahu Hikes you don’t want to miss on your Hawaii Vacation!

Best Oahu Hikes


1. Koko Head Crater


Koko Head Crater is a tough hike but the sweeping views of Oahu’s south shore make it worth it! You will climb 1,048 steps to reach the summit. The toughest part is the 1,200 ft increase in elevation. Some argue that this is not a hike but a workout with a view. Click here to read about my personal Koko Head Crater Hike.

I highly recommend to Koko Head early in the morning. This trail gets crowded and hot!

If you would like a Koko Head Crater guide be sure to check out our guided Koko Head Crater Hike. It includes transportation, a guide and stops at other Oahu attractions!


2. Diamond Head

Oahu Hikes Diamond Head Hawaii

Diamond Head is an iconic Oahu landmark. The 0.75 mile hike takes about 1.5 hours round-trip. Diamond Head was formed about 300,000 years ago during a single eruption. At the 763 foot summit you will experience stunning views of Waikiki. I love hiking Diamond Head! Click here to read about my latest Diamond Head Hike.

If you would like transportation to Diamond Head and a guide (I consider this amazing guide the King of Diamond Head) check out our guided Diamond Head Hike.  As you hike to the summit your guide will share fascinating facts about native plants, Hawaiian history, volcanic creation and the crater’s military use.


3. Manoa Valley Waterfall Hike

Oahu Hikes Manoa Falls Hawaii Waterfalls

Many people want to experience Oahu Hikes so they can see a Hawaii waterfall! If that describes you then this is the hike you are looking for! On the Manoa Valley Waterfall Hike you will hike through a tropical rainforest and through a bamboo jungle to Manoa Falls. This Oahu hike is relatively easy. Manoa Falls drops 200 feet into a beautiful pool below making it a great spot for photos!

Hawaii Discount offers a guided Manoa Valley Waterfall Hike.  The guided hike includes transportation to/from Waikiki Hotels. As you hike to Manoa Falls you will learn about Oahu’s endemic plants and wildlife from you knowledgeable guide.

What are your favorite Oahu Hikes?

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  1. Love Waihole Valley in Kaneohe!

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