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Atlantis Submarine Tours

One of the most unique tours you can experience while visiting Hawaii is an Atlantis Submarine tour. They are available on Maui and Big Island but the most popular one departs from Waikiki on Oahu. The check in location is located conveniently at the Hilton Pier on Waikiki Beach, behind the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel. For those staying longer than a short walk away, transportation is provided at no additional cost. Another option available only from Waikiki is the premium submarine, which allows for a larger viewing portal to fully enjoy your underwater experience.

Once you arrive at the dock on Waikiki Beach you will board a shuttle boat for a ride out to the submarine destination. The boat ride lasts about 20 minutes but the sights are incredible! Be sure to have your camera ready because you will be able to take some amazing pictures of Waikiki Beach as well as Diamond Head. During whale season you may even see a whale!


Atlantis Sub Tours

Atlantic submarines  Waikiki


After the boat ride you will be directed onto the submarine where you will descend a ladder, one by one and take a seat at your own designated portal (standard submarines have bench style seating). For safety purposes young children less than 3 feet tall are not allowed on this tour. One suggestion is to wear a red or orange shirt and watch the color change as you descend further and further down.  You will see the color continuously change and follow the colors of the rainbow until finally it is deep blue and almost purple in color.


Atlantis Submarine Tours Hawaii

Atlantis Submarines Depth


From Waikiki you will be able to see manmade structures that are being used to help grow food and provide a home for underwater creatures. These structures help prevent harm to the fish, turtles and other animals by averting them from having to travel further inland. These are even more surprising to see in person!


Atlantis Submarines Fish

Atlantis Submarines Fusalage

Hawaii Submarine Tours Waikiki

Hawaii Submarine Tours Pyramid


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