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Banana Boat

The morning that John and I did Oahu Parasailing and Hawaii Jet Skiing we also rode the Banana Boat. The Banana Boat is a popular choice of Hawaii Activities for thrill seekers! Instead of simply admiring the beauty of Hawaii’s stunning waters get out and experience them! Hawaii Ocean Sports are a great way to enjoy Oahu!


We were taken to the Banana Boat launch site off of Waikiki. The Hawaii Water Sports Center had Jet Skis, a Banana Boat and Bumper Tubes. As we climbed on the Banana Boat we were given one instruction – hold on!  Sounded simple enough but I didn’t realize the ride I was in for!


We were pulled around via a Jet Ski. I didn’t think the Jet Ski would have enough power to take us on such a thrilling ride but it did!


My emotions varied between intense concentration on not falling off and intense laughter as we were whisked around the ocean! With a name like Banana Boat I was expecting the ride to be quite tame but there were several times when I almost fell off!


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Stay tuned for my last entry on Hawaii Water Sports – the Bumper Tube. Despite the fact I grew up near a lake and spent many summer days on the lake water skiing and tubing – the waves of Waikiki defeated me on the Bumper Tube!

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