Best Hawaii Luaus – Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park

10 Reasons To Go To Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park


My evening at Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park was one of the best evenings of our family Hawaii Vacation. Check out my list of 10 reasons to go to Chief’s Luau.


1. Interactive Hawaii Activities  

The kids loved the interactive Hawaii Activities at Chief’s Luau. My daughter enjoyed weaving her own headband and my son had a blast learning to throw a spear. We also tried out the hula lessons, fire making and tattooing! The moment you walk into Chief’s Luau and receive your lei greeting the fun begins!

Chiefs Luau Lei Greetings

Weaving Headbands out of banana leaves at Chief's Luau

Hawaiian Spear Throwing at Chiefs Luau Hawaii


2. Imu Ceremony  

A crowd gathered as the pig was uncovered and lifted from the imu, an underground oven. As the Chief spoke about the process of cooking he told us “in Samoa the men do most of the cooking and cleaning.” Sounds like my kind of place!

Imu Ceremony Chiefs Luau Hawaii


3. ‘Ava Ceremony

One of the best things about Chief’s Luau is the audience participation. Chief’s Luau is an interactive luau. My favorite part is the ‘ava ceremony. Stay tuned to my next blog post for more information about the ‘ava ceremony and fun audience participation at Chief’s Luau.

Ava Ceremony Chiefs Luau Oahu


4. Mai Tais  

I don’t think I need to expand on this one – Cheers!

Mai Tai at Chiefs Luau at Sea Life Park Hawaii


5. Scenic Views

Chief’s Luau is set at Sea Life Park in scenic Makapu’u Meadows. Enjoy views of tall sea cliffs, the Pacific Ocean, and stunning Rabbit Island.

Rabbit Island Hawaii

Scenic Views of Chiefs Luau

Chiefs Luau Seating Arrangement


6. Pineapple Cake

The food at Chief’s Luau was delicious! My favorites were lomi lomi salmon, taro rolls, poi, grilled mahi mahi, chicken yakitori and kalua pork. Be sure to save room for dessert! The pineapple cake is legendary. My youngest somehow managed to score three pieces of the delicious dessert!

Hawaiian Pineapple Cake Chief's Luau


7. Dancing

After dinner the dancing began! The show started with dancing from Tahiti.



The Hawaiian Luau show continued with amazing dances from the Chief’s Luau dancers. One of my favorites was watching Blue Hawaii performed by Miss Waikiki.

Blue Hawaii Hula Dance


I also learned the best way to get rid of mosquitoes – the Samoan Slap Dance!

Samoan Slap Dance Chiefs Luau


8. Fire

The finale was the mesmerizing fire knife dance. Chief Sielu made fire by rubbing a stick and before we knew it the sky was illuminated with stunning fire knife dancing.

Making Fire from sticks Chief Sielu

Fire Knife Dancing Chief Sielu

Fire Dancers Chiefs Luau


9. Perfect for the Entire Family

Our family evening at Chief’s Luau is one I will always treasure. This is the perfect Hawaii Activity for the entire family. Each family member from 3 generations had a great time and most named it as their favorite part of the entire Hawaii Vacation!

Chiefs Luau 3 generations

Food at a Hawaiian Luau


10. Rated the #1 Luau in Hawaii

Chief’s Luau is the #1 Rated Luau in Hawaii according to TripAdvisor. Spend an evening at Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park and you will know why it is rated the Best Hawaiian Luau!

Best Luau in Hawaii


Have you ever been to Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park. Do you agree that it is the Best Hawaiian Luau?

Be sure to check out my next blog post Part 2 about my evening at Chief’s Luau – why the Chief is one of the funniest men in Hawaii and how he gets the audience involved in the luau.

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