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Best Kauai Activities

How did we end up enjoying the Best Kauai Activities? One man’s Hawaii Vacation turned into a multi million dollar business that now does over 8 million dollars a year in sales.  John Fradella spent about $5,000 on Hawaii Activities during a Hawaii vacation in 1999.  The cost accompanied by the frustration of missing out on several must see Hawaii activities because they were already full as well as wasting vacation time trying to book activities led him to launch
13 years later Hawaii Discount is bigger and better than ever.  One of the Hawaii Discount employees, the company’s Social Media Manager, is John’s little sister – me.  A few weeks ago the two of us conquered Kauai! Each morning we were up before the roosters and we spent each day meeting with vendors and making sure that Hawaii Discount offers only the best Kauai Activities.
Smith’s Tropical Paradise Luau 
Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting several of the Kauai Activities we took part in.  As a brother/sister duo we had a blast! From the breathtaking views of the Garden Island via Kauai Helicopter Tours to tubing down a sugar cane plantation’s irrigation ditch with Kauai Backcountry Adventures, we experienced Kauai’s beauty with some of the best Kauai Activities.
Just because we sell the Kauai Activities doesn’t mean we are good at them!  Check out this sneak peek of our Kauai Kayaking Skills! After watching this you can only imagine what our week together was like!  Fun is what it is all about!

Hawaii Discount makes ordering Hawaii Activities quick and easy so while you are in Hawaii you can relax, have fun and soak up the Aloha Spirit.
Be sure to check frequently to read about our adventures on Kauai!
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