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Best Oahu Tours

Hawaii Discount offers a variety of Oahu Tours. I wanted to experience the real Hawaii, the places off of the beaten path and even places the locals may not know about. I was told in order to experience the Real Hawaii I should go on one the Best Oahu Tours – The Zen Tour.

Did I experience amazing locations on this tour? Yes I did but I walked away with much more than facts of ancient Hawaii and memories of scenic Oahu locations. At the end of The Zen Tour I was energized and ready to take on the world. The reason? This is not your normal Hawaii Tour. As we traveled to each location we were given interesting and useful information about Hawaiians and how we can use the things they have learned in life to make our individual lives even better.

Some examples include:

  • The 3 characteristics of people who live to be 100 years old.
  • The importance of your extended family.
  • Why the little things make all the difference in the world.

Check out this video of The Best Oahu Tours – The Zen Tour

Let me back up and start from the beginning. As soon as we were picked up in Waikiki Mitch, our guide, starting telling us interesting information about Waikiki Beach and the Hawaiian Islands. As we continued to our first stop he told us about medicinal plants and remedies to many common ailments.

We stopped near a cemetery and started walking through a parking lot. I was not impressed. The cemetery was not any different than you would see on the mainland. As we continued to walk through the parking lot Mitch told us more about the history of Hawaii. After a few moments I realized we were not there for the cemetery in plain sight. We went along a hidden path and saw a burial cave and petroglyphs, pictures etched into stone centuries ago by Native Hawaiians.

As we walked past the ancient burial cave we walked along a stream on a beautiful path. It was crazy to think as we were surrounded by serenity and calm that bustling Honolulu was just a few miles away.

As we continued on the path we saw several locations from the television show LOST. We stopped at a beautiful waterfall that has been used in several television shows and commercials. This stop set the tone for the tour – I realized that hidden gems of Oahu are all over the island and in areas you would least expect them.

For the second stop we pulled over to the side of the road and Mitch began to tell us about some of the flora and fauna in the area. We walked through a bamboo pathway hearing stories about ancient Hawaii along the way.

As we continued to walk we ended up in one of Oahu’s most sacred locations – the the ruins of Kaniakapupu. This Palace of King Kamehameha III was completed in 1845 and was the location where 10,000 people celebrated Hawaiian Restoration Day in 1847. This is a location you will not find in the Oahu guide books. It is a very sacred location and I could feel the mana as I walked around the site -especially as I saw the stones of prayer leading up to the palace. Hawaiians request that visitors respect this location and only visit the ruins of Kaniakapupu with a guide. Mitch was the perfect guide as he was able to educate us with the history of the area while showing us how to be respectful to the sacred ruins.

At the next stop we saw ruins of an ancient Hawaiian temple, a heiau. Once again you could feel the mana at this sacred location. Not only did we see sacred historical sights but we also saw beautiful scenic views of Oahu. Once again Mitch continued to tell us the history of the area as well as information about the plants and wildlife.

During this Hawaii tour we learned about Hau, Sea Hibiscus, and its many purposes. Hau was brought to Hawaii by the ancient Polynesians. It is very strong and was used to make fishing line, nets, to tie canoes together, rafts, snares and stitches. Hau was also used for medicinal purposes.

Sea Hibiscus

We actually had time for an extra stop – I won’t give it away since all tours may not have time for it but a hint is that I was “blown away” at this scenic Oahu location.

Throughout the tour Mitch, our guide, was constantly telling us facts about the locations and the history of the area. The guests in the tour were hanging on every word and trying to digest as much information as possible. Mitch also talked about how today’s society has affected our health and the contrast of how Hawaiians lived and thrived. As he told us about some of the things that make Hawaiians happier and live longer he sprinkled in some great one liners that really got me thinking. One of my favorite lines was “Genetics loads the gun – Lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

The Zen Tour is truly one of the Best Oahu Tours. This Hawaii Tour has it all: waterfalls, burial caves, dense bamboo forests, heiaus, and sacred locations on Oahu. Learn about medicinal plants, wellness, lifestyles of ancient Hawaiians and how they built fire, made shelter, made rope and caught fish. Best of all you will feel refreshed at the end of this Hawaii Tour and want to start making life changing decisions to make your life healthier and happier.

One piece of advice given during this tour was “Leave people with something to look forward to.” If you make time for The Best Oahu Tours – The Zen Tour on your Hawaii vacation it will not only be something to look forward to but it will be one of the Hawaii Tours that you will remember and reflect on. You will take away more than just beautiful images on your camera – you will take away information that can change your life. Experience the real Hawaii with The Zen Tour.

*Mitch is confident you will love his tour. He offers a money back guarantee for anyone who is not satisfied with this Oahu Tour.

Reserve The Best Oahu Tours – The Zen Tour with Hawaii Discount. Mitch takes small groups so space is very limited – reserve this Hawaii Tour today!

What are the best locations you have been to on Oahu?

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