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Best Pie in Hawaii

Today is March 14. The date is 3-14 so many consider it Pi Day. In honor of Pi Day I am sharing my opinion on the Best Pie in Hawaii!


1. Hula Pie from Duke’s Restaurant

First on the list of best pie in Hawaii is Hula Pie from Duke’s RestaurantHula Pie is macadamia nut ice cream topped with chocolate fudge and macadamia nuts on a a chocolate cookie crust. It is a large serving so it is great for sharing. Hula Pie is delicious but it tastes even better when accompanied by a gorgeous Hawaii Sunset!

Hula Pie Dukes

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2. Haupia Pie from McDonald’s

McDonald’s in Hawaii has unique menu items inspired by local flavors. Haupia is a coconut based dessert that you may recognize from Hawaii Luaus.  Haupia Pie was introduced to McDonald’s Hawaii in 2007. It looks like their world famous Apple Pie but it has a coconut milk flavored filling. If you are not a fan of coconut but want to try a McDonald’s Pie unique to Hawaii you can try their McDonald’s Taro Pie with a Poi filling. McDonald’s Haupia Pie may not be the most delicious pie I have ever had but it is a great way to have a quick Hawaiian treat between Hawaii Activities.

Haupia Pie McDonalds Hawaii



3. Ted’s Bakery Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie

I saved the best for last – Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie from Ted’s Bakery. Ted’s Bakery is located on the North Shore of Oahu. After hearing about their famous Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie for years I finally decided to try it. I was convinced that it would not live up to the hype. I was wrong. It may be the most delicious dessert I have ever had. It consists of dark chocolate custard cream, a layer of haupia, a creamy coconut pudding, and topped with whipped topping. A bonus is that Ted’s Bakery also serves delicious plate lunches with generous portions. If you are spending the day on the North Shore of Oahu be sure to stop by Ted’s Bakery for lunch and a slice of Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie.

Best Pie in Hawaii Ted's Bakery

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What is your favorite dessert in Hawaii?

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