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Big Island Ziplines

Another great way to experience the beauty of the Big Island is via Big Island Zipline Tours. Hawaii Discount offers a variety of exhilarating Hawaii Zipline Tours that take you over treetops and spectacular sights. The Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio decided Big Island Ziplines would be a great way to experience the island.  Heather and D’jibia were not the least bit scared but I have a small fear of heights.  I decided there was no better way to conquer that fear than a 2,400 ft zipline high above streams and waterfalls.

When we arrived at the zip course our Big Island Ziplines guides went over safety information and helped us get suited up in our harness and safety gear.

After everyone put on their safety gear and had it double checked we hit the course!  Heather and I climbed to the top of the first zipline.  The first zipline is usually the lowest and shortest to get everyone comfortable with zipping!

We are ready to zip!

By the second zipline Heather and D’jibia were ready to do some tricks.

Line 3 and I am still a little nervous but having a blast!  Stepping off of the platform was the hardest part for me.

D’jibia and I zipping side by side.

Beautiful waterfalls on the Big Island Zipline Course.

Halfway through the zipline course we took a short break for lunch.  The longest Big Island ziplines were coming up and we were excited!

D’jibia heading to the next zipline.

We saw numerous waterfalls.

Our helmets were outfitted with fun helmet cams to capture the thrills! Check out the Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio in action in this Big Island Zipline Video!

D’jibia got extra style points for her zipping.

I never quite figured out how to flip upside down but had fun trying!

We had a great group to zip with!  We enjoyed our exciting afternoon on Big Island Ziplines.

Hawaii Discount offers a variety of Big Island Zipline Tours.  They are located on various parts of the island.  Check out Big Island Eco Adventures, Kohala Zipline, Pa’ani Ranch Aloha Zipline Express, KapohoKine Adventures Zipline Through Paradise and Zip Isle Zipline Canopy Adventure.

Zip over tree tops, waterfalls, beautiful pools and flowering trees.  See the rainforest from a different point of view!

The Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio had a blast on Big Island Ziplines.  It did take a bit longer than we had planned but the views were worth it.  If you want a truly exhilarating experience take the leap and reserve Big Island Zipline Tours!

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