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BOB Scooter

Most people who come to Hawaii are familiar with Hawaii Snorkeling and Hawaii Scuba Diving. I love Hawaii Snorkeling but I have never gotten certified to scuba dive. When I snorkel in Hawaii I normally swim on the surface. When I do dive down I can’t hold my breath very long so by the time I have found cool marine life to look at I have to swim to the surface for a breath. Luckily I found the perfect way to enjoy Hawaiian marine life without worrying about breathing or diving certification – the BOB Scooter Underwater Breathing Observation Bubble! I heard so many people rave about the BOB scooter that I had to check it out for myself!


My underwater scooter adventure began with Waikiki pickup. We took a 20 minute drive to Captain Bob’s Hawaii Adventure at the Koko Marina Shopping Center.


We had a short safety briefing. We went over hand signals so we could communicate with the divers while we were underwater. I became giddy after seeing the BOB scooter so when they asked who wanted to go first guess who volunteered?


We took a short ride on the boat to the dive spot and enjoyed beautiful views of Koko Head. We had 14 people in our group and 3 scooters.


The divers and crew went above and beyond to ensure safety. Each underwater scooter had an oxygen tank attached. While we were underwater oxygen would flow into our helmet. The bubble has the same concept as placing a cup over water – as the BOB Scooter descends, a seal is formed and the participant stays dry inside the bubble!  I loved the fact that I was underwater for 15 minutes and when I got back on the boat my hair was still dry!


After I sat in the scooter it was gently lowered into the water. At this point I became a little anxious because I didn’t know what to expect.


A diver went with me and communicated via hand signals to make sure everything was ok. As I was lowered into the water my ears popped – the same feeling as being in an airplane but the divers showed us how to equalize so there was no discomfort.


Once we got down 15 feet I was let go to explore.  A diver was assigned to each underwater scooter so I felt very safe.


I met the nicest couple from Texas on this tour! I love this photo of them holding hands underwater! This is a great tour for couples – the adrenaline rush is a great bonding experience.


These fish were everywhere!


I even saw green sea turtles!


Check out my video of the BOB Scooter Breathing Observation Bubble underwater scooter with Bob Underwater Adventures!


There was so much marine life to see including a variety of beautiful fish!


The diver handed me a piece of bread and the fish were literally eating out of my hand!


The worst part of the Breathing Observation Bubble was I was having so much fun and it was time to come up. I spent about 15 minutes underwater in the BOB scooter but it flew by. Once again the diver helped me to the surface which was much easier than going down.

We were given snorkel equipment and the opportunity for Hawaii Snorkeling as we waited for all of the guests to have their turn in the BOB Scooter.


If I had to describe the BOB Scooter Underwater Adventure in one word it would be exhilarating! Of all of the Hawaii Activities I have participated in BOB Underwater Adventures is one of my favorites! From the adrenaline rush going down 15 feet and not knowing what to expect to the calm I felt as I explored the beautiful marine life to the top notch friendly crew this Hawaii Tour was terrific! Between the JetLev and the Breathing Observation Bubble if James Bond ever needs backup he should give me a call!

If you want to experience one of the most unique Hawaii Activities be sure to reserve your spot with BOB Underwater Adventures and their BOB Scooter Breathing Observation Device.

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  2. Definitely have to do this if I ever find myself in Oahu! Looks amazing and perfect for me. I love that you can breathe normally and just scoot around.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Yes it is such an incredible feeling and a great way to experience marine life!

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