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Diamond Head

The Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio knew a trip to Oahu must include the Diamond Head hike! We had seen the amazing landmark from our Waikiki surf lessons and couldn’t wait to climb to the top.

Diamond Head is the world’s most recognized volcanic crater. It was formed about 300,000 years ago during a single eruption. It is not made of lava flow but of ash and fine particles that settled and cemented together into a rock called tuff.

The 0.75 mile Diamond Head hike takes about 1.5-2 hours round-trip. The hike wasn’t difficult but it does take you over several trails, up 74 stairs, through a tunnel and then up 99 steep stairs. At this point you are almost there but you have to continue through another small tunnel and up a spiral staircase inside a coastal artillery observation platform.  The stairs are tough but the view is worth it!

Check out our video of the hike and then be sure to check out all of the Diamond Head Photos below!

Ancient Hawaiians named it Laeahi which meant “brow of the tuna.”  In the 1800s, the British sailors
named it Diamond Head because they thought the calcite crystals they saw glimmering in the sunlight were diamonds lodged in the crater.

The views were great throughout the Diamond Head hike – even when we first hit the trail!

We couldn’t wait to get to the top to take in the Oahu views!

A great photo opportunity before we hit the first set of stairs!

Diamond Head was purchased in 1904 by the US Government for military purposes.  We enjoyed seeing the bunkers and the Fire Control Station.

First set of stairs.

It was cool walking through this tunnel!

The toughest part of the hike!

Crawling out the observation portion of the Fire Control Station completed in 1910. We were greeted by amazing views!

The views are absolutely breathtaking!

Diamond Head Lighthouse was built in 1899 and can be seen 17 miles away.

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Have you climbed Diamond Head?  What did you think about the hike?

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10 Responses to Diamond Head Hike – Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio

  1. Hawaii Discount says:

    Great Pictures!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We were in Hawaii this past April and Climbed Diamond Head early in the morning. What an adventure; even my 79 year old mother made it all the way to the top. Thanks for sharing the memories. Ruth

  3. Hawaii Discount says:

    Thank you Ruth! Early morning climbs are the best! Impressed with your mom! Way to go!

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