Discover Hawaii Pali Lookout

Discover Hawaii Pali Lookout For Amazing Views

Renowned for some of the most spectacular views in the world, the Hawaiian Islands are home to soaring sea cliffs, magnificent waterfalls, and ancient volcano fields of lava. Discover Hawaii Pali Lookout is one of the best ways to begin an exploration of Oahu.

Discover Hawaii - Pali Lookout

View from Pali Lookout

Located only 15 minutes from Waikiki, the Pali Lookout is much more than just a vista viewing point; it’s also rich in Hawaiian cultural history, legend and folklore. As you look over the ridge into the Windward Oahu valley that separates the towns of Kailua and Kaneohe you’ll see an immense verdant landscape that on many days of the year will literally blow you away. The lookout, known for very high wind gusts up to 80 mile and hour, is atop a 985-foot cliff on the Koolau Mountain Range and its name means “Cool Height Cliff.”  The winds have become notorious for sweeping away hats, sunglasses and even hair extensions so it is recommended that you hold on to small children.

Discover Hawaii - Pali Lookout

Great photo opportunities

Historically, the Nuuanu Pali Lookout is known as the battlefield of one of the fiercest conflicts in Hawaiian history. It was here that Kamehameha the first fought to unite the islands. He led a legion of 10,000 warriors in what would be their final battle because they were successful in defeating all the armies of Oahu.  It was in this 1795 battle that Kamehameha and his army actually drove the opponents over the sheer cliff and into the densely wooded area below.

Discover Hawaii - Pali Lookout

Lush green Pali ridge

The importance of this specific battle is yet taught in Hawaii schools today as the turning point that brought about the unification of the entire Hawaiian Island Nation as a single kingdom.  Evidenced of the battle was discovered in 1897 during construction of the Pali Road when the remains of 800 men were found. Local legend is that on certain nights’ screams of the conquered can still be heard.  Just ask any resident about the creepy legend of the Night Marchers.

Discover Hawaii - Pali Lookout

Nuuanu Battle Depiction

Visiting the Nuuanu Pali Lookout is a must for anyone vacationing on Oahu. I recommend joining a professional tour so you can make the outing more memorable. Hawaii tour guides a well versed in the history and legends of the Islands are excited to share their stories. The Pali Lookout and many scenic vistas can be enjoyed on an Oahu Circle Island tour.



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3 Responses to Discover Hawaii Pali Lookout

  1. amy collins says:

    My mother, sister and I wsnt to hawaii in 2010. It was absolutly breathtaking!! Since our trip, we have been saying we want to go back. I could’ve moved there. The locals were so nice and inviting. Every excursion we went on the people were so nice. I just can’t say enoigh about it. I tell everyone they need to visit Hawaii. We went snorkeling and swimming with dolphins and horseback riding. I want to come back sooooo bad. Wonderful place!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Amy! Sounds like you did some of the best Hawaii Activities! Hope you return soon!

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