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Duck Dynasty in Hawaii

I finally got around to watching the season finale of Duck Dynasty. I admit I am a fan of the show and I love the Robertson family. I couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for Hawaii! My favorite part of the episode was when Willie pulled out the itinerary. Those that have traveled with me know I love an itinerary and spend a lot of time studying it before I go anywhere to make sure it is perfect. Yes sometimes I have to monitor and adjust but I feel like planning makes my trip less stressful. Apparently that was not the case for the Robertsons. The family balked at the idea of an itinerary of Hawaii Activities and chose to relax at the pool and spa instead.

The episode showed some of their Hawaii Activities on the Big Island including Surf Lessons, a Segway Tour and a Luau.  They chose a beautiful Big Island hotel, the Hilton Waikoloa Village, but I wish Willie had contacted me first so I could have provided him with the Ultimate Duck Dynasty Hawaiian Itinerary.  See below for some of the Hawaii Activities I would have loved to see the Duck Dynasty family enjoy. Not knowing how many islands they actually went to I included Hawaii Activities from each of the main 4 islands.

Duck Dynasty Hawaii

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Chief’s Luau (Oahu) Chief Sielu is one of the most talented entertainers I have ever seen. I would love to see the banter between the Robertsons and the Chief. This is a fun luau with great activities, a delicious dinner and a show that will have you on the edge of your seat. Chief Sielu chooses several audience members to be in the Kava Ceremony and brings them on stage – I can only imagine how hilarious it would be to see the one of the Duck Dynasty boys becoming a Chief with Chief Sielu. (Click here to read about my night at Chief’s Luau)



Jet Lev (Oahu) Jet Lev is one of the hottest Hawaii Activities. It is a water powered jet pack! It is tougher than it looks and having the Duck Dynasty family try it out would make for great television. Not only would it be entertaining for us to watch but they would have a lot of fun doing it! (Click here to read about my personal Jet Lev experience)

Jet Lev Water Jet Pack Hawaii


Manta Ray Night Snorkeling (Big Island) Since the Duck Dynasty season finale took place on the Big Island I was disappointed we did not see them experience Manta Ray Night Snorkeling. This is one of my favorite Big Island Activities. To be able to swim with these majestic giants is a rare treat and something everyone who goes to the Big Island should take advantage of.  (Click here to read about my personal Manta Ray Night Snorkeling adventure)

Manta Ray Hawaii Tours


Kauai ATV Tours (Kauai) Duck Dynasty and ATVs seem to go together like Miss Kay and sweet tea. Kauai ATV Tours offer a fun terrain and breathtaking scenery. The Robertsons can even try out the mud bug and take the entire family. Of course there is a reason it is called a mud bug and an even better reason they give you clothes to borrow for the ride. I was covered with dirt and mud by the end of the ride but getting dirty was part of the fun!

Duck Dynasty Hawaii Itinerary Idea Kauai ATV Tours


Koloa Zipline Tours (Kauai) From the Duck Dynasty episode and previous episodes it is obvious that Willie is afraid of heights. What better way to conquer this fear than with Koloa Zipline Tours. This is a beautifully designed zipline course and the last line is half of a mile long! We just have to make sure Si is hooked up with a microphone because I would love to hear his commentary as he zips.

Duck Dynasty Hawaii Ideas Koloa Zipline on Kauai


Kauai Helicopter Tours (Kauai) Kauai is the perfect island for a helicopter tour. You can experience the entire island on a flight – from the mountains and waterfalls to Waimea Canyon to the NaPali Coast and Hanalei Bay. From the reaction Miss Kay gave from the view of her hotel room I can only imagine her reaction to breathtaking views of Kauai Helicopter Tours. (Click here to read about my flight with Sunshine Helicopters)

NaPali Coast Kauai


Bike Down Haleakala (Maui) Taking in the stunning sunrise at Halealaka, Maui’s dormant volcano, is a breathtaking sight. The bike ride down is amazing and I bet with the Robertson’s antics they would make it a fun, memorable trip.

Sun rising over Haleakala

Haleakala National Park


Those are just a few of the Hawaii Activities I would put on the Ultimate Duck Dynasty Hawaiian Itinerary. Willie, Si, Phil, Miss Kay or Jase if you are reading this let me know when you are heading back to the Aloha state and I will make an itinerary for a fun, memorable Hawaii Vacation…Robertson style!

What did you think about the Duck Dynasty Hawaii Vacation?

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