Elf On The Shelf Ideas – Christmas Traditions

Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Every year my family has a visitor from the North Pole. It is “Stocking” our Elf On The Shelf! This is one of our Christmas Traditions my kids really look forward to. Our Elf On The Shelf watches the kids during the day from the shelf and then reports to Santa at night. He returns each morning in a silly hiding place or having played a prank on us. If you are looking for Elf On The Shelf Ideas check out some of the pranks Stocking has pulled off!

Last night while we were sleeping he made his 2012 grand entrance. Not only did he cover the Christmas Tree with lei greetings but he made an Elf On The Shelf Beach under the tree. When we woke up we found him relaxing on his beach with some Hawaiian Punch. He was hanging out with our dashboard hula girl amid some sand castles. All that was missing was a surfboard – maybe I will get him Surf Lessons for Christmas!


If you have a naughty elf that is looking for some Elf On The Shelf Ideas check out some of Stocking’s best pranks from last Christmas:

Last year our Elf On The Shelf made a grand entrance… I mean a grand mess!


This Elf Hiding Spot was one of my favorites! The kids were bummed out because they couldn’t find Stocking and figured he had not returned from the North Pole that night. As we loaded the car to go to school we found this!


If you need Elf On The Shelf Ideas to get your little ones to behave check out this text! We found Stocking hiding with my cell phone and this text message was on the screen! Their reactions were priceless!


Everyone has their own Christmas Traditions that just fall into place. I never would have guessed our Christmas Traditions would revolve around an Elf On The Shelf but we have a blast each morning as we look for Stocking. The day always seems better when it starts with fun and laughter!

Who knows what Stocking has up his sleeve for this holiday season. After his Hawaiian themed grand entrance maybe he will set up a few Hawaii Activities in our house this year. I think he may have some ZiplinesHorseback Riding and Helicopter Tours in his future!

Do you have any Elf On The Shelf Ideas to share?

*Click here for more Elf On The Shelf Ideas and pictures of some of Stocking’s latest hiding places. 

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