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Things that just naturally go together: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cookies and Milk, Peas and Carrots, Kids and Mud. I knew my kids would love the chance to splash through mud puddles and get dirty so I took them to Kauai ATV Tours for a morning of scenic views, off-road adventures and mud.

At Kauai ATV Tours you can choose between a 4 Hour Waterfall Tour and a 3 Hour Koloa Tour. We chose the Waterfall Tour. When we arrived they provided us with gear: helmets, goggles, souvenir bandanas and tshirts/shorts. We were able to ride together in the 4 seater “Ohana Bug.” Kauai ATV Tours also offers a 2 seater “Mud Bug” and a 1 seater “Mud Bunny.” We had a safety briefing and then we were off! Our first views were stunning oceans vistas. Next we drove by the old Koloa Sugar Mill.

Kauai ATV Tours Poipu Koloa


One of the fun parts of driving with the kids was the excitement when we saw a mud puddle. No matter how big or small the puddle, we all screamed with anticipation as we waited to get splashed with mud.

Hawaii ATV Tours


My son’s favorite part of the tour was driving through the half mile sugar cane haul tunnel.

Kauai Sugar Cane Tunnel


With a variety of terrain the ride was exciting from beginning to end.

Kauai ATV Tours Hawaii Family Vacation


We stopped at a beautiful waterfall for lunch. We were quite muddy at this point.

Kauai ATV Waterfall


We swam in the refreshing swimming hole and washed off the mud and dirt.

Waterfall Kauai ATV Tours


After lunch we were off to conquer more mud!

Kauai ATV Ohana Bug


We stopped and went inside a WWII bunker.

WWII Bunker Kauai


As we continued on we experienced stunning views.

Kauai ATV Tours Hawaii Activities Family


Check out our video Kauai ATV Tours


We drove past one of the famous locations from Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park Kauai Film Locations


I enjoyed the Kauai ATV Waterfall Tour last year when I drove a one person “Mud Bunny” – click here to read about my Mud Bunny adventure. As much fun as I had on the Mud Bunny, few things compare to the fun I had with all of the kids piled in the ATV with me as we conquered the Kauai ATV Waterfall Tour together. The tour makes several stops. At each stop the kids were able to get out and switch seats to try to figure out which seat was the muddiest. It was an amazing experience to be able to share this beautiful adventure with my kids.

Kauai ATV Tours


During the tour as I drove toward the mud puddles it reminded me of my life. There are seasons in life filled with giant, messy mud puddles. On the days you are driving through mud puddle after mud puddle keep your head up, embrace the mess and enjoy the ride. If you spend your time worrying about the messy mud you will miss the beautiful scenery and precious moments passing by.

Have you ever experienced Kauai ATV Tours?


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