Germaines Luau – Best Oahu Luaus

Germaines Luau

One of the best Oahu Luaus is Germaines Luau. Last fall the Traveling Trio went to Germaines Luau (click here to read about it) for the first time. This year John and I returned to spend an evening with the Germaines Luau Ohana (family).


Germaines Luau offers free transportation from Waikiki to the luau grounds.  This is where the party starts – on the bus! Each bus has a Cousin on board to be your host. Cousin Kale was our host and had us laughing as we made our way to Germaines.

Our Host Cousin Kale


When we arrived at Germaine’s Luau we were given shell lei greetings. It felt good to be back “home” at Germaines. As we waited for the imu ceremony to begin I walked around the grounds and talked with some of the dancers.


The seating at Germaines Luau is family seating. They have several rows of long tables. This arrangement is great especially if you need to seat a large party which is one reason Germaine’s is a popular luau for wedding parties.

When we reached our table we were greeted by a ray of sunshine – our friend Paulette! She has been working at Germaines for several years but she you may recognize her from scenes in Hawaii Five-0 and she even is the voice of one of the interactive games at the Disney Aulani Resort. We had a blast catching up with her and listening to her fascinating stories.

Germaines Luau

John and Paulette


The luau started with blowing of the conch and the imu ceremony.


Next we piled our plates with delicious luau favorites such as Kalua Pig, Lomilomi Salmon, Island Fish, Teriyaki Beef and Fried Chicken. Paulette reminded me of all of the health benefits of poi including a young fresh complexion so when I returned for a second helping of Kalua Pig I put some more poi on my plate! (A few days later I didn’t have my id with me and was denied when I ordered a beer – I credit the poi for making me look young!)


After dinner we sat back and enjoyed the dazzling show! I saw the show less than a year ago but it was like watching it for the first time! I especially enjoyed the new battle dance.


One of the ways Germaines makes the guests feel like Ohana is getting them involved in the show! They have several parts of the show where they invite audience members on stage. One of the most popular parts of the evening is when guests are invited to learn hula dancing!


And yes – that would be me in the corner showing my hula dancing moves. Lets just say if the travel blogging gig does not work out I will not be applying for a job hula dancing.


The finale of the night was the fire dancing. The fire dancers were even better than the last time I was there and I was mesmerized!


If you are looking for one of the best Oahu Luaus be sure to check out Germaines Luau. From the moment you step on the party bus and meet your “host” aka your “cousin” you will be treated like Ohana and have the night of your life!

What is your favorite thing about Germaines Luau?


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