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The Best of Hawaii

Guides of Oahu – Best of Hawaii is by guest blogger, MT,  a champion East Coast Surfer who is attending the University of Hawaii this summer. Be sure to subscribe to Hawaii Discount Blog to keep up with her Hawaii adventure “University of Hawaii – Hawaii Tours and College Life.

I thought I was hopping onto just another bus. I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by our friendly guide at Guides of Oahu, Mitch. He greeted us with a smile and passion for the day ahead of us and assured us we would see the best of Hawaii. Along the way Mitch informed us about plants that could be used as natural medicine and healthy living.

We arrive at our first destination which was a hidden waterfall right outside Honolulu. It was tucked away behind the highway and you could not even see it from the road. The group of sightseers pile out of the bus and trek down a little hidden path. Shortly we walk upon a beautiful waterfall right in the middle of the city! We were not here just to see the water fall but there were cave paintings close by. There was a faded bird of prey etched into the rock. It told a story of the first people on the island. The family that lived near this waterfall were look outs and protectors. They were the first people to warn the entire island if an enemy was coming. A fence guarded this little island treasure.  After our history lesson we head back to the bus to our next adventure. We ride for a while and get off in the middle of the rain forest. Another little unmarked path that leads us to the ruins of King Kamehameha III’s summer home. All that was left was the stone frame work and a few stone walls. The ruins of the home were magnificent and let you believe that it was a grand place during its prime. Now it was beautiful and overgrown with green ferns. King Kamehameha III decided to build his summer home where his father rested before battle.

Best of Hawaii Oahu locations

King Kamehameha Summer home

After experiencing King Kamehameha III’s home we head over to Nuuanu Pali Point. It is the windiest spot on the island. From this point we got a fabulous view of the town below and of the Pacific Ocean. I could put all of the weight on the tip of my toes – lean into the wind and it would still hold me up. The wind at Nuuanu Pali Point was amazingly powerful! Apparently it is always windy there and winds can get up to hurricane force.

Best of Hawaii Nuuanu Pali Lookout

After much story telling, sightseeing, and exploring the Island of Oahu we head back to Honolulu. I saw some amazing things that I never would have been able to find on my own. The Guides of Oahu tour really does show you the real Hawaii – the Best of Hawaii.

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Which locations in Hawaii do you think are the Best of Hawaii?

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