Hawaii Activities for Your Hawaii Family Vacation

Hawaii Activities for Families

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I want to take break from writing about Hawaii Activities to say Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. Eight years ago I was blessed with an amazing baby boy and my life changed forever! Being a mom is the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world! I now have 3 kids (ages 8, 6 and 2) but to me Mother’s Day is still about celebrating my mom. She is an amazing woman and still mothering me to this day!  Thank you mom for all you have done and continue to do for me!

Happy Mothers Day from my family to yours!


Many people think of Hawaii as a romantic getaway but it is also a great place to vacation with the family! One of the highlights of my Kauai Kayak Tour was being in a group with an 8 year old boy, his mother and his grandmother. To see 3 generations enjoying Hawaii Activities together was a fun sight.

Maria Haskins is a mom that loves to travel with her family. Her blog, Traveling with Kids, contains family travel tips on how to get ready for travel, what to bring, and what to do when you are traveling. She also blogs about the destinations she travels to with her kids. I loved her post on Maui and in honor of Mother’s Day she sent Hawaii Discount a list of her kids’ favorite things on Maui.

5 of My Kids’ Favorite Things on Maui – by Maria Haskins Traveling with Kids Blog

1.  The best way to spend the day in Hawaii is hanging out at the beach of course! Baby Beach outside Lahaina, and D.T. Fleming Beach Park were our favorite spots when we visited Maui. Both of these beaches had lots of nice sand to play in, the water wasn’t too rough, and there were some ocean critters to look at on the rocks and in the shallows. For the kids, the best time to go was usually before lunch, before the winds and waves picked up!      

2.  My kids also really enjoyed all the wonderful fresh fruit in Hawaii: ripe pineapple, mangoes, papaya, avocadoes… We bought a box of pineapples to bring home, and only regretted not buying more!

3.  The Sugarcane train between Kaanaapali and Lahaina was a huge hit with both my kids, especially my train-crazy son.

4.  We also went for a ride on Reef Dancer, a glass-bottom boat, so the kids could see some undersea life up close and personal. They loved it, and we were lucky enough to have a turtle swim right past our underwater window at one point. It was one of those moments that just makes everyone’s day.

5.  One of the more unusual things my kids liked about Maui, were the huge snails that would crawl by in the shade of our lanai every morning. My daughter, who was 2 ½ at the time, named one of them Pooda and she found them absolutely fascinating. You always end up noticing and appreciating the little things (like snails), when you travel with your kids!

Many mahalos to Maria Haskins of Traveling with Kids Blog for sharing highlights of her Hawaii Family Vacation! Hawaii has something for everyone!  If you are planning a Hawaii Family Vacation and need ideas for the best Hawaii Activities for kids be sure to contact Hawaii Discount. Hawaii Discount is the expert on Hawaii Activities and we can help you choose the best Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours to meet your needs!

If you are still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift we suggest Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours! They are the perfect gift of memories to last a lifetime!

What is your favorite Mother’s Day gift?

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