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Welcome to my Hawaii Adventure

This is our second post by guest blogger, MT,  a champion East Coast Surfer who is attending the University of Hawaii this summer. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to keep up with her Hawaii adventure “University of Hawaii – Hawaii Tours and College Life.”

We arrived in Hawaii with a Hawaiian Lei Greeting around our neck, a kiss on the cheek, and smiles on our faces! The grueling sixteen hour journey from the east coast finally ended. Lauren and I were eager to see the island but the delayed flight only allowed us to see the waining sunset. Friends came and picked us up from the Honolulu Airport and dropped us at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Exhausted, we walked to the dorm grabbed our keys and headed up the stairs to our new home for the next six weeks.  Amongst the rush to get to our rooms on time I realized that I did not know where my class was the next morning. Then as a person was trying to give us directions I realized how utterly clueless I was… Welcome to my Hawaii Adventure!


Hawaii Adventure Hawaiian Lei Greetings


Don’t worry. I found my class… After getting lost a couple of times. I am currently taking Spanish 101. (Yes, yes, I am aware that I am taking possibly the easiest class at the University of Hawaii but, Lauren is taking Ballet 101.) We choose this strategy so we could stay in Hawaii for the cheapest yet the longest amount of time and have the biggest Hawaii adventure possible. So far I think we are succeeding in our goals.


Hawaii Adventure University of Hawaii


Since then we have become Craig’s List Queens. It has taken us a week to get nearly everything but so far we bought two surf boards, one moped, and a set of surf racks. All at awesome deals. We are now looking for helmets for the sake of our parents. Being completely mobile in Hawaii is amazing! Lauren and I look so funny on our moped together. Besides getting lost going to class, we frequently get lost on the moped. Streets here are unmarked occasionally, one way, and a lot of them have long Hawaiian names. We are getting the hang of it though. Once we found ourselves in Chinatown accidentally – just another part of the Hawaii adventure!


Hawaii Adventure Oahu Beaches


Along with our moped adventures we have met some incredible people who love to surf. We have hit the beach nearly every day here. My beach body and tan are starting to look pretty good if I say so myself. So far Lauren and I have gone to Waikiki and surfed Publics, Queens, and Pops, gone to Diamond Head and surfed Cliffs, and watched a photo shoot on the North Shore. Also we have visited Pele’s Chair and jumped off of the little cliffs.


Hawaii Adventure Waikiki Surfing


We have not stopped since the moment we arrived in Hawaii. Lauren and I keep on getting invited to go to new places with new friends. Sometime with friends of friends that we met once for an hour. We are having so much fun! Everywhere we turn is a new Hawaii adventure. Every road we accidentally turn down is a new sight to see. Every beach is a new place to surf. No one can wipe the smiles form our faces! We have many Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities on our to do list and we can’t wait to experience them all!

Until next time. Aloha!

Be sure to check out Hawaii Tours and College Life for all of the posts about MT’s Hawaii Adventure!

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