Hawaii Dolphin Tours – Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii

Hawaii Dolphin Tours

When planning our Hawaii Vacation one of the Hawaii Activities on the top of our list was Hawaii Dolphin Tours with Hawaii Dolphin Excursions. We couldn’t wait to swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii! We chose to do the morning tour. Our pickup time was 5:30am but since it was our first full day in Hawaii we took advantage of the 6 hour jet lag. We woke up bright eyed ready for our dolphin adventure! We headed to the Waianae Boat Harbor on Oahu’s West Shore, about an hour from Waikiki.

When we arrived at the Dolphin Excursions office we were fitted with life jackets and snorkel gear.

We climbed aboard the Naia I ready to see friendly spinner dolphins.


Hawaii Dolphin Excursions Boat


It did not take long to spot dolphins! Once we arrived at “the drop” we saw multitudes of dolphins! The excitement level on the boat was high as we became eager to get into the water.


Jumping Hawaii Spinner Dolphin Tour in Hawaii


We carefully dropped into the water from the side of the boat. As soon as we looked into the water we saw beautiful majestic spinner dolphins! Even though I had been on a swimming with dolphins tour in the past, it never gets old seeing Hawaii Spinner Dolphins in their natural habitat.


Hawaii Dolphin Excursions


It was an extra special tour for me because I was able to share the experience with my kids and see it through their eyes.


Hawaii Snorkeling Tours


Hawaii Dolphin Excursions is a great tour for all ages. My mom and my 4 year old also went on the tour. All 5 of us got in the water but my mom and youngest preferred watching the dolphins from the boat. Our guide, Tamar, was excellent with children! I was a bit nervous about taking my 4 year old on the tour but Tamar made us feel right at home!


Hawaii Dolphin Tours


After swimming with dolphins we headed to a special Hawaii snorkel location. Unfortunately the water was too rough that day so we continued to a location that is frequented by Green Sea Turtles. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Honu, can grow to an adult breeding size of 200 pounds or more. It was spectacular to snorkel with these giant turtles.


Hawaii Green Sea Turtles Honu


As we headed back toward the harbor I was in awe of the beautiful scenery


West Oahu Mountains


Since the weather made it too rough to snorkel at the reef we had extra time. Lucky for us we returned to “the drop.” I couldn’t believe we were going to get to swim with the dolphins again! As we dropped in the water we were immediately surrounded by dolphins!


Swimming with wild dolphins


We were respectful of the dolphins. We didn’t actually swim with dolphins – it was more like we stayed in one place as they swam around us. We gave them their space while we observed them in their habitat.


Swimming with Dolphins GoPro


The Captain called us back to the boat so we climbed aboard and headed to the harbor.


Hawaii Dolphin Excursions


On the way back we took in the sights and the sun while we processed all we had just experienced on these amazing Hawaii Dolphin Tours.


Hawaii Dolphin Tours


When we arrived back at the harbor we had a delicious lunch waiting for us at Spinners Cafe. As we ate we talked about all of the dolphins we had seen. The early wake up was worth it!

Check out our video Hawaii Dolphin Tours – Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii


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Have you ever been swimming with Wild Dolphins in Hawaii?

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