Hawaii Family Vacation – From a Kid’s Perspective

My Hawaii Family Vacation

Hawaii is one of the most popular places in the world for honeymooners and anniversary couples but Hawaii is also one of the best locations for a Family Vacation. Don’t take my word from it – our latest post is written by a 10 year old guest blogger. Read about his “epic” Hawaii Family Vacation.

A few weeks before school ended my mom gave my sister, my brother and me some awesome news. “You know how you have wanted a trip to Hawaii?”

“Yes” my sister and I said.

“Well your uncle and I just booked a trip there!” said mom.

“Awesome!!!” my sister and I exclaimed.

A week later we woke up at 3:00am and drove to the airport. After security we went on a 30 minute flight to Atlanta.

Hawaii Family Vacation Airport


From there we got on a big plane to Oahu, Hawaii. It was a 10 hour flight. To put that in perspective the plane was going about 600 mph. That is a mile every 10 seconds. Surprising as it might be it was a fun flight. They had a mini tv in every seat. My mom, sister and I were in the front row so the tvs were in the arm rests where as the other ones were on the back of the seats.

Hawaii Family Vacation Delta Flight


After 10 hours of tv and soft drinks we finally got to the Oahu Airport. When we got there some people gave us lei greetings and we took pictures.

Hawaii Lei Greetings Honolulu Airport


Once we got our luggage we caught the bus to our hotel. When we got on the bus the driver asked “Where are you going?”

Mom said “To the Royal Hawaiian.”

“Okay” he said.

After he dropped 2 people off we got to our hotel. “Woah!” I said. “It is huge!” We rocked on rocking chairs while our uncle checked in. When we got to our room it was pretty small but my mom told me that most of the hotel rooms in Waikiki are small.  After we looked at our room we went to eat at a place called Duke’s. I had a salad and ribs. It was really good.

Hawaii Family Vacation Royal Hawaiian


At 5:00am the next morning someone came and picked us up in a Dolphin Tours Van. We were heading to the Dolphin Excursions Tour. The tour was awesome! I saw 2 giant sea turtles, about 50 Hawaiian White Belly Spinner Dolphins and tons of fish. I even saw a coral shark! I couldn’t believe I was swimming with dolphins!

Hawaii Snorkeling Tours


The next day we went on a Parasailing Tour. I loved it! We did the maximum height.  The scenery was awesome. My sister was scared. I thought it was epic.

Waikiki Parasailing Honolulu


The next night we went to Chief’s Luau. When we got there, there was a lot of stuff to do. We made headbands, threw arrows and tried to make fire. The show and food were great. The show had fire dancing, hula dancing and jokes. My granddaddy and mom got called up on stage. My granddaddy did some funny stuff and my mom got to drink some coconut milk.

Chiefs Luau Coconut Opening

Fire Knife Dancing Chief Sielu


The next day we got surfing lessons. It was fun. I was excited when I caught my first wave. I ended up catching lots of waves.

Hawaii Family Vacation Surfing Waikiki


We had traveled on land, on a boat, in a plane, but to end our Waikiki adventure we went on a submarine. It was one of the coolest things ever.  I saw turtles, fish and even an eel. It was also educational because I learned that water is 100 times more dense than air.

Hawaii Submarine Tours Waikiki


It was sad leaving Oahu but next we were going to Kauai.

Hawaii Family Vacation Kauai


….to be continued.

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