Hawaii Pineapples from the North Shore of Oahu

Hawaii Pineapples Delivered

You can’t have a Hawaii Vacation without enjoying fresh Hawaii Pineapples! Many of the Hawaii Activities that include breakfast or lunch proudly serve fresh Hawaii Pineapples. Once you taste delicious Hawaii Pineapples you are going to want to take some back home with you!

Fresh Hawaii Pineapples served after snorkeling with Captain Zodiac on the Big Island.


Fresh Hawaii Pineapples served with our picnic lunch after kayaking and hiking to Secret Falls on Kauai.


It is easy to have Hawaii Pineapples delivered to your Oahu Hotel (Waikiki or Ko’olina) or even have them shipped to your home!

Ordering Hawaii Pineapples from Hawaii-Pineapples.com is quick and easy! Hawaii-Pineapples.com delivers fresh Tropical Gold Pineapples grown on the North Shore of Oahu. These Hawaii Pineapples are airport ready. They are boxed, inspected and pre-certified. All airlines allow pineapples as free check in luggage except US Airways which charges standard baggage rates. Each case weighs 27 pounds and contains 6-8 Hawaii Pineapples. Carry-on packs weigh 10 pounds and contain 2-3 pineapples. Hawaii Papayas are also available in 10 pound cases that contain 8-11 Hawaii Papayas.

I love to buy gifts at the Hawaii ABC Stores but Tropical Gold Pineapples make great gifts for your friends and loved ones. Simply have them delivered to your Oahu hotel or condo the day before your departure. With Pineapple delivery you don’t have to worry about spending time shopping for gifts which means more time to relax and to enjoy Hawaii Activities.

No matter what time of the year it is, Hawaii Pineapples are a welcome and tasty treat. If you miss the islands you can have fresh Tropical Gold Pineapples shipped to you with UPS 2-3 day delivery. This is a great way to enjoy Hawaii when you are back on the Mainland with your friends and family. Hawaii Pineapples make great gifts and are a great addition to special holiday meals and gatherings.

If enjoying fresh Hawaii Pineapples is not enough and you want the ultimate Hawaii Pineapple experience be sure to check out the Oahu Grand Circle Island Tour that includes a stop at Dole Pineapple Plantation.

Do you miss the taste of fresh Hawaii Pineapples?


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