Hawaii Shark Cage Tours

Hawaii Shark Cage Tours

Are you looking for an adventurous and exhilarating tour for your visit to Hawaii? A shark cage tour is the perfect activity for those seeking a thrill. This unique activity is only available on the stunning island of Oahu. Come experience the magnificence of these creatures, while safely behind a cage of course! Hawaii Discount offers this tour with two different companies. Hawaii Shark Encounters and North Shore Shark Encounters are located on the north shore of Oahu in a town called Haleiwa. This is about an hour drive from Waikiki. They offer transportation for an additional cost or you can rent a car and drive there on your own. On these tours you will enjoy seeing sharks up close and personal!

North Shore Shark Encounter

The best time to do this tour is early morning when the waves are not as rough. Once you check in at the boat harbor you will be directed to the boat you will be on. They will go over a safety briefing as you travel a few miles off shore to the shark location. On your journey you are likely to see turtles as well as dolphins. Once you arrive, the cage will be lowered into the water and you will take turn in two separate groups getting into the cage. A snorkel and mask are provided for everyone and bringing an underwater camera is recommended so you can be sure to catch some once in a lifetime photos!

Shark encounter North Shore OahuOn this tour you will see several kinds of sharks including Galapagos, Gray Reef, Hammerhead and Sandbar. The sharks you will see range anywhere from 5-15 feet long. If anyone in your group wants to tag along but not get in the water there is a separate price offered for them. From the boat you will still experience an awesome view of the sharks since the visibility is so great. If you are in the water you are likely to be able to see up to 200 feet. People of all ages have participated and enjoyed this tour! Don’t miss out on seeing the grace and magnificence of Hawaii’s sharks in the crystal clear waters of Oahu! Book with Hawaii Discount today for the best price!

Hawaii Shark Encounter


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