Hawaii Shark Encounters – Swimming with Sharks

Hawaii Shark Encounters

One thing that has been on my bucket list for a long time is Swimming with Sharks on the North Shore of Oahu. I finally had the chance to check this off of my list on a Shark Tour with Hawaii Shark Encounters.

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I was told that early morning is best time to do this tour because the waves are not as rough. It was still dark outside when we arrived at Haleiwa Harbor for our 6:30am tour.

As we stepped on the boat you could feel the excitement! The captain gave us a safety briefing and we were on our way. On the 15 minute, 3 mile ride to the shark grounds we enjoyed a peaceful sunrise and a humpback whale sighting while my insides were jumping with fear and anticipation.

As the boat anchored next to the shark cage I peered over the side of the boat and gasped at the sight of several sharks. Now all I had to do was get in the cage for a closer look. We decided to be the first “victims.” The captain helped us with our mask and snorkel and we climbed into the shark cage.

Hawaii Shark Encounters North Shore Oahu


As I descended the ladder into the cage I could feel my heart racing. It did not seem natural to choose to get into the water with the sharks. I decided to face my fear and jumped in. As soon as my face went underwater I was rewarded with views of these amazing creatures swimming around the cage. My heartbeat slowed down and my fear was replaced with awe. I watched as Galapagos Sharks and Sandbar Sharks swam around the shark cage. One side of the shark cage had a large plexiglass window. The window provided a great view that made it seem like the sharks were going to swim right to us.

Hawaii Shark Encounters Shark Cage Tours


We had a great time observing the sharks.

North Shore Shark Encounters

Hawaii Shark Cage Tours


I was still filled with excitement as I climbed out of the cage.

Hawaii Shark Tours


I highly recommend Hawaii Shark Encounters. It gave me insight into a world that is usually filled with fear. It was fun and educational to watch sharks in their natural environment.

If you are wondering if this Hawaii Tour is for you the answer is Yes! Everyone on our tour had a blast! We even had a 7 year old on our tour who loved it! (Check out the video, “Shark Encounters Fun,” at the bottom of the page for his review of the tour). Face your fears and experience exhilarating Hawaii Shark Encounters!

North Shore Shark Encounters


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Have you ever been Swimming with Sharks?

Check out our video “Shark Encounters Fun!”



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