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Hawaii Surf Lessons

Waikiki is world famous for its surfing so we decided to start off our Hawaii Activities with Hawaii Surf Lessons! We had never stepped foot on a surfboard so we were all a little nervous.  We checked into Hans Hedemann Surf School 15 minutes prior to our lesson.  When we got there they suited us up with rash guards and shoes.  Hans Hedemann Surf School guaranteed that we would get up and riding waves during the surf lesson but I was a bit pessimistic. I couldn’t wait to see how they were going to pull this off.


The first part of Hawaii Surf Lessons was in the Waikiki surf shop.  We were shown how to paddle and how to turn.  Next we were shown how to stand up and ride the wave.  Each person was given a turn to show the instructors that they were ready to get into the ocean.  When my turn approached he asked me to show him how to paddle to the left – I started paddling – then he said “ok now your other left”.  Yikes, after my in-shop performance I wondered if they were getting nervous about their guarantee.

Going over the basics in the shop before heading to the beach

Going over the basics in the shop before heading to the beach


We grabbed our boards and headed to the beach.  We paddled out ready to conquer the waves. Or have the waves conquer us.  I wasn’t quite sure what would happen at this point.




We divided ourselves up into groups.  Each Hans Hedemann instructor had about 3 students that they coached and helped stand up and ride the waves. The instructors told us when to paddle, they gave us a push and then shouted for us to stand up.


Elizabeth is down!

Elizabeth is down!


D'jibia is down!

D’jibia is down!


and Heather is down!

and Heather is down!


The score after Round One was The Waikiki Waves 3, The Traveling Trio 0

The instructors at Hans Hedemann Surf School were very patient and determined to get us up and surfing.  They gave great feedback after each attempt so we would know what we were doing wrong.  I would paddle to catch the wave, attempt to stand, fall, paddle back to the instructor and repeat.  The fear was gone and replaced with determination.


Elizabeth’s attempt:

D’jibia’s attempt:





Heather’s attempt:




It took several attempts but finally it clicked! All three of us were up and riding the waves in! It was quite a thrill and we were filled with excitement as we paddled back to catch another wave! The instructors remained with us during the Hawaii Surf lessons to assist us.

Elizabeth is up!

Elizabeth is up!


Looking good Heather!

Looking good Heather!


Nice Form D'jibia!

Nice Form D’jibia!


At the end of 2 hour Hawaii Surf lessons we were tired but excited about our new surfing skills. All 3 of us decided we loved it so much that we would figure out how to fit Hawaii surfing into our schedule again before we returned to the mainland! I never thought I would be a surfer but it was so exhilarating I couldn’t wait to do it again!

A few days later we decided to hit the famous North Shore Surfing Beaches: Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach.  At the North Shore we were only spectators but who knows maybe one day we will be in the Eddie Aikau Surf Invitational.  If so, we can thank Hans Hedemann Surf School for laying a great foundation and teaching us the basics of Surfing in Hawaii.


Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio’s Travel Tips

  • If you are a beginner, Hawaii surf lessons are a must!
  • Check in 15-30 minutes prior to your lesson to get fitted for rash guards and shoes.
  • Wear sunscreen!
  • Pay close attention to your instructor’s safety tips.  Hans Hedemann Surf School takes safety seriously and they do not want any of their students getting injured.
  • Reserve Hawaii Surf Lessons for the beginning of your Hawaii Vacation.  If you are like us you are going to want to surf again while in Hawaii!
  • Leave your jewelry at home and any other valuables in the shop.  You will spend the entire lesson in the ocean and do not want to leave any valuables on Waikiki Beach.



The Traveling Trio did in fact surf again.  We braved bigger waves on the Big Island.  Click here to read about Surfing in Kona.

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Have you taken Hawaii Surf Lessons?  How did it go?


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