Hawaii Surf Lessons – Sibling Rivalry Edition

Hawaii Surf Lessons

One of the best parts of working at Hawaii Discount is working for my big brother. These days we are best friends but growing up we certainly had our differences. Finally after all of these years I had redemption from our childhood squabbles during our Hawaii Surf Lessons!

Long before the days of HawaiiDiscount.com and the internet. Just 2 kids who would fight over the Commodore 64.


John knows one of my favorite things to do in Hawaii is surfing. We headed to Hans Hedemann Surf School for Surf Lessons in Waikiki. I took Hawaii Surf Lessons from Hans Hedemann Surf School last year so I gave my brother one piece of advice – whatever you do watch out for the other surfers. Little did I know the other surfer I was talking about would be me!

John and I both caught a wave and it looks like it is going great for both of us.


We both try to keep our balance as we stand up. Mom would be proud!


Looks like John didn’t take my advice and he is heading straight towards me!

This isn’t looking good – instincts kick in and I hold my arm out thinking it will keep his board from crashing into mine. I think my face says it all!


Oh no! Here we go – looks like a crash is inevitable!


John may be going down but I am determined to ride this wave in!


What? One hand on each board? Nice try but you are not taking me down with you!


Man down!




I keep hanging on!


I struggle to stay on the surf board. Check out that form!


I think I’ve got it.


John comes up for some air.



Finally after all of these years little sister comes out on top! In all seriousness we got a kick out of this and it was just one example of the laughs we have together. We may not be ready for Sharkey’s Comedy Club but we think we are hilarious. We definitely make a great team!

Stay tuned for more about our Waikiki Surf Lesson in a future Hawaii Discount Blog post! In the meantime read about my first Hawaii Surf Lesson, my Kona Surf Lesson and my Kauai Surf Lesson.

Where do you like to surf in Hawaii?

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