Hawaii Tours Times Three – Getting Lost is Part of the Journey

Hawaii Tours

I am thrilled to finally share the new look of Hawaii Discount Blog with you! I thought the best way to kick off the makeover of HawaiiDiscountBlog.com was with a new Hawaii Blog series – Hawaii Tours Times Three. Three Hawaii Discount employees traveled to three islands to try out a variety of Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities.  We explored Hawaii three ways – by land, sea and air to experience the best Hawaii Tours.

Hawaii Tours Airport Lei Greetings on Oahu

Hawaii Lei Greetings

We had a blast and I can’t wait to share all of our experiences with you. We checked out the best Hawaii Activities including a challenging trek climbing Koko Head Crater on Oahu, several Hawaii luaus, surfing with Pro Champion Surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb, and exciting Kauai ATV Tours just to name a few.

Pro Surfing Champ Tatiana Weston-Webb

Things did not always go as planned. We missed our turn to Waikiki after spending the day on Oahu’s North Shore in our Hawaii Car Rental. We ended up having a blast exploring as we made our way back to Waikiki. We made the most of our unexpected detour and even stopped to take in the breathtaking view of Pali Lookout. It reminded me of my life – sometimes you miss a turn or take one you don’t expect but it is those turns that often bring unexpected joy and precious memories. Whether you are exploring Hawaii or on a life journey there will always be detours and turns you were not expecting. As long as you make the most of it and enjoy the scenic ride you may realize it was the right path all along.

Hawaii Tours to Pali Lookout

Pali Lookout

We may have gotten lost but we found some of the best, new Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities. We checked them out so we can share our experiences and help you figure out which Hawaii Tours are the best for you. Be sure to subscribe to Hawaii Discount Blog so you don’t miss out on any of our Hawaii tours and adventures in the new series Hawaii Tours Times Three.

What do you think about the new look of the blog? Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments!

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