Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio – Meet the Trio

Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio

The Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio spent one week split between Oahu and The Big Island with an itinerary filled with the best Hawaii Activities.  Over the next few weeks we will be blogging about our adventures!  This week I wanted to introduce you to the trio!

Hawaii Discount Traveling Trio

Yours truly is the web strategist for Hawaii Discount.  I am in charge of the Hawaii Discount Facebook page, Hawaii Discount Twitter, Hawaii Discount YouTube Account and the Hawaii Discount Google+ Account.  After listening to customer feedback and comments on the social media sites I scheduled the most popular Hawaii Tours for us to experience during the week.  It was quite a schedule with only one week and over 10 Hawaii Activities but it was a fun way to experience the best Hawaii has to offer.


Flying in from Atlanta Georgia Heather brought a great perspective and level of excitement.  This was her first trip to Hawaii and she is already scheduling her next trip!  Heather was the source of fantastic one liners:  As we got into the Hummer for the 5 Hour Lost Tour Heather nonchalantly mentioned to our guide “I hope we don’t get lost.”  On the Captain Zodiac Big Island snorkeling tour as we sat and watched a pilot whale swim next to the raft she told us she is “having a whale of a time!”  She was also my source of calm as I conquered my fear of heights on the Big Island Zipline Tour.


D’jibia is also from Atlanta, Georgia and it was her first trip to Hawaii as well.  D’jibia’s bubbly personality was infectious and she never met a stranger the entire week!  She brought the Hawaii tours participants together and especially united everyone on the Manta Ray Night Snorkel. D’jibia also brought her driving skills for our Hawaii Car Rentals and drove us all over the islands from Waikiki Beach to the North Shore to Pearl Harbor and even across the Big Island.

We will be highlighting different Hawaii Tours and activities each week so be sure to check the Hawaii Discount Blog often for the latest adventures of the Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio.

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Elizabeth has been blogging about the best Hawaii Activities for over 7 years. She loves sharing the Aloha Spirit.
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14 Responses to Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio – Meet the Trio

  1. Set Up Events says:

    Can't wait to hear more of those one liners! Looking forward to hearing more of the Great Adventure

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can't wait to see where the adventure goes along with some great infomation on Hawaii activities!

  3. Hawaii Discount says:

    Thanks for the comments! We had a blast and some crazy times! Stay tuned!

  4. Susan says:

    Please start with the best of Oahu. As I will be there Oct. 3 – 13th. Need help quick with plans and schedules! Thanks! Susan

  5. Susan says:

    Please start with Oahu as I will be traveling there Oct. 3 – 13 and need son great pointers and direction!!! Thanks! Susan

  6. Hawaii Discount says:

    Susan – thank you for reading! Here is a link to a post of Oahu recommendations http://hawaiidiscount.blogspot.com/2011/05/best-oahu-activities-recommendations.html You should also check our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/hawaiidiscount it is a great place to post questions and get feedback. And of course feel free to post any questions here as well! Thank you again for reading our blog!

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