Hawaii Volcanoes Lava Flow from Kilauea Volcano

Hawaii Volcanoes Current Lava Flow

For the first time since December 2011 lava is entering the ocean from Kilauea volcano. Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has been erupting since January 1983. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a popular destination for those that want to experience Kilauea Volcano.

The eruption is from Puu Oo vent in the volcano’s East rift zone, and a lava lake in Halemaumau crater at the summit.

The Big Island expects an increase in traffic to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as both visitors and locals try to get an up close look at the lava flow. Although this lava flow is currently slow it may pick up speed. If you have never seen live lava flow it will amaze you despite the speed of the flow.

It is not clear how long the lava will continue flowing into the ocean.

Lava Flow November 2012 Photo From http://www.reuters.com/

Lava Flow November 2012 – Photo from http://www.reuters.com/

Another way to experience Hawaii Volcanoes Lava Flow is with Big Island Helicopter Tours.  As we circled Puu Oo vent we were in awe as we watched the lava flow and bubble. Click here to read about what I saw on my Big Island Helicopter Tours.

View from Big Island Helicopter Tours


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which encompasses Kilauea, welcomed more than 1.3 million visitors last year. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a great place to spend the day exploring. From the overlook of Kilauea Caldera to steam vents to Thurston Lava Tube – Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a wonder of Nature. Plan your day so you can experience the evening glow of Kilauea Caldera. Hawaii Discount offers a variety of Volcano Tours.  Click here to read about my day at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on one of the Big Island Volcano Tours.

The Glow of Kilauea Caldera


If you make it to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to witness this current lava flow from Kilauea Volcano we would love it if you would post some photos to our Hawaii Discount Facebook page!

Ocean entries are beautiful but can be dangerous. If you are planning to check out mother nature’s show be sure to stay a safe distance away and respect all barriers.


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