Hawaii Water Sports – Bumper Tube

Hawaii Water Sports

John and I have participated in a variety of Hawaii Water Sports. The next one on our agenda of Hawaii Activities was Bumper Tube! I grew up near a lake and spent many afternoons tubing on Lake Greenwood but never have I experienced anything like the Waikiki Bumper Tube!


Bumper Tube is the perfect name for these Hawaii Activities because I was bumped all around the beautiful waters of Hawaii! I was holding on for dear life! Out of all of the Hawaii Water Sports we participated in the Bumper Tube was my least favorite. The water was to rough for me.


Sea Breeze Water Sports offers Bumper Tube in protected and beautiful Mauanalua Bay.  I feel like if I had been in the waters of Mauanalua Bay with Sea Breeze Water Sports instead of off of Waikiki Beach the ride would have been more enjoyable.  Sea Breeze Water Sports offers Parasailing, Hawaii Jet Skis, Jet Lev, Wake Boarding, Water Skiing, Banana Boat, Scuba Diving and Bumper Tube.  Sea Breeze offers a fun photo package where a photographer will capture you enjoying the Hawaii Activities – the expressions are priceless! They also have a package where they attach a Go Pro Camera and capture the Hawaii Activities on high definition video! This is a fun way to take the memories back home and to share them with your friends!

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If you are planning a Hawaii Vacation be sure to reserve some time to experience the best Hawaii Water Sports.  This is a great way to experience the beauty of Hawaii!

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