Hawaii Whale Watching Tours

Hawaii Whale Watching Tours

Tis the season for Whale Watching in Hawaii! From mid December to mid April visitors and residents of Hawaii are treated to the presence of humpback whales. Every year around 4,500 humpback whale migrate from Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii. Humpback whales do not eat while in Hawaii. They spend their time resting, mating and giving birth. They return to Alaska to replenish their blubber in Alaska’s food-rich waters.

The best way to experience whales in Hawaii is with Hawaii Whale Watching Tours. Hawaii Discount offers Oahu Whale Watching Tours, Maui Whale Watching Tours, Kauai Whale Watching Tours, and Big Island Whale Watching Tours. There are a variety of tours so you can find the perfect tour for you. Choose from tours that include snorkeling, tours on zodiac rafts that put you on the same level as the whales or choose whale watching tours on large ships. Be sure to check that your Hawaii Whale Watching tour includes “guaranteed whale sightings”. This means if they do not spot any humpback whales on your tour you can return on another tour for free!

On Hawaii Whale Watching Tours you won’t only see humpback whales but you will also be able to hear them! Most Whale Watching Tours have a hydrophone that can broadcast the song of the humpback whales.

Maui Whale Watching

If you are going to be on Maui be sure to check out the Whale Experts, Pacific Whale Foundation. The mission of Pacific Whale Foundation is “to protect our oceans through science and advocacy.”  Although it was not whale watching season I was blown away by the Pacific Whale Foundation Naturalists when I went on the Pacific Whale Foundation Molokini & Lanai Snorkeling Cruise. The crew was passionate about humpback whales and Hawaii’s marine life. They shared their excitement and knowledge with the guests.

Photo Courtesy of Pacific Whale Foundation

Photo Courtesy of Pacific Whale Foundation


Big Island Whale Watching

On the Big Island we went out with Captain Zodiac on a zodiac raft. The Zodiac Rafts are at water level so you are right there with marine life not 15 feet above them. Captain Zodiac offers a 3 hour whale watching tour that leaves from Honokohau Marina in Kona. Click here to see pictures from our Big Island Zodiac Tour.


Oahu Whale Watching

If you have children you may want to check out the Star of Honolulu Whale Watching Cruise on Oahu! Children 11 and under are free (one with each paid adult)! This whale watching tour is held on a 232 foot vessel with 60′ high observation deck and 4 walk-around decks.

Photo Courtesy of Star of Honolulu

Photo Courtesy of Star of Honolulu


If you are in Hawaii during Whale Watching Season don’t miss your chance to see these majestic creatures. Enjoy the sights of Hawaii’s seasonal guests – humpback whales.

Have you seen Humpback Whales in Hawaii?


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