10 Hawaiian Foods to try on your Hawaii Vacation

Ten Delicious Hawaiian Foods

There are 2 guarantees in Hawaii: Stunning Views and Delicious Food. The blend of cultures and local produce have resulted in some of the best food in the word. Here are Ten Hawaiian Foods to try on your Hawaii Vacation.

Hawaiian Food Hawaii Vacation


1. Poke

I am starting the list with my personal favorite, Poke. Poke is a Hawaiian word that means to slice or cut. Poke is a raw salad usually made with yellowfin tuna. The ahi tuna is served in bite sized cubes and seasoned with sea salt, soy sauce, Maui onions and limu. There are many variations of poke so I often order poke at Hawaii restaurants to try different versions.

I have enjoyed many different types of poke over the years but my favorite comes from the Hawaii Grocery Store, Foodland. They offer a variety of poke and Hawaiian Foods. My favorite thing to order is a poke bowl which is a bowl of rice topped with poke.

Poke Hawaiian Food


2. Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi is a popular snack in Hawaii.  It consists of grilled Spam and rice wrapped in nori (seaweed). My favorite variation of Spam Musubi includes egg between the Spam and rice. Spam Musubi is often found in convenience stores in Hawaii so be sure to grab one and try it. I suggest pairing it with a Maui Brewing Company Bikini Blonde Lager for a real Hawaiian experience.

Spam Musubi


3. Garlic Shrimp

The North Shore of Oahu is famous for surfing but don’t miss out on the North Shore Shrimp Trucks! You will find several Shrimp Trucks on the North Shore of Oahu but perhaps the most famous Shrimp Truck is Giovanni’s. The Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck is known for it’s shrimp scampi. Enjoy fresh, white shrimp sauteed with olive oil, garlic and lemon/butter and served with two scoops of rice.

North Shore Oahu Shrimp Trucks


4. Fresh Fruit

Hawaii boasts a variety of delicious fresh fruit such as pineapple and papaya. One of the best places to get fresh fruit is a Hawaii Farmers Market. One of my favorites is the Hilo Farmers Market on the Big Island. You can also have fresh Hawaii Pineapple and fresh Hawaii Papayas delivered to your Oahu Hotel room or if you are craving Fresh Fruit from Hawaii you can have it delivered to your home on the mainland!

Hawaii Pineapples


5. Loco Moco

Loco Moco usually consists of rice topped with a hamburger patty, a fried egg and brown gravy. It is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can find Loco Moco at most diners and fast food restaurants in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Food Loco Moco

Photo From FoodNetwork.com


6. Shave Ice

My favorite way to cool off in Hawaii is with a Shave Ice! The fluffy ice resembles fresh fallen snow complimented with sweet syrup in unique flavors such as lilikoi, lychee and mango. You can also add ice cream, azuki beans, mochi balls or a snow cap. Matsumoto’s Shave Ice on the North Shore of Oahu is one of the most popular Hawaii Shave Ice locations but my personal favorite is Ululani’s Shave Ice on Maui.

Hawaiian Shave Ice


7. Hula Pie

I love everything at Duke’s Waikiki including the views, the cocktails, the pupus and the main entrees. Even if you took all of that away I would return time and time again for their delicious Hula Pie. Duke’s Hula Pie is macadamia nut ice cream on a chocolate cookie crust topped with chocolate fudge, whipped cream and macadamia nuts.

Dukes Hula Pie


8. Poi

Poi is a Hawaiian staple made from the taro root. The bland blueish gray paste is not only a nutritious part of the Hawaiian diet but poi is considered a sacred part of daily Hawaiian life. When a bowl of poi was uncovered at the dinner table all conflict among family members had to stop.

If you attend an Hawaii Luau be sure to try the poi. I suggest adding some lomi-lomi salmon to the poi to give it some flavor. Before you know it you may be hooked on poi just like me!

Hawaiian Food Poi

Photo From Tarobrand.com


9. Malasadas

Malasadas are portugese doughnuts without the hole.  A ball of dough is fried then coated with sugar. Malasadas can be filled with custard, chocolate or coconut. Leonard’s Bakery in Honolulu is one of the most popular places to get malasadas. At Leonard’s Bakery the malasadas are made to order and always served hot and fresh.

Hawaiian Foods Malasadas

Photo From Leonardshawaii.com


10. Kalua Pig

The Hawaiian word kalua means “to bake in a ground oven.” Kalua Pig is seasoned, covered with banana leaves and baked in an imu (underground oven) with hot stones. Many Hawaii Luaus begin with an imu ceremony where they unearth the pig from the imu and unwrap the banana leaves. The slow roasting in the imu results in delicious, tender pork with a smoky flavor. You will find kalua pig at most Hawaii Luaus.

Kalua Pork Hawaii


What are your favorite Hawaiian Foods?


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8 Responses to 10 Hawaiian Foods to try on your Hawaii Vacation

  1. Heather says:

    The chocolate haupia pie from Ted’s Bakery on Oahu’s North Shore!

  2. F. Byers says:

    The various types of fresh fish is beyond any I have ever had. We have been to Maui several times.i never eat things that are bad for you. It is fresh fish, veggies, & fruit. It is awesome and I come home feeling so much better. Fresh over there is in a class all by itself

  3. Ansley heinsohn says:

    Lapperts Ice Cream!!!!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Mmmmmm I LOVE Lapperts! In fact after I ate the poke bowl pictured in #1 I walked to Lapperts in the same shopping center (Princeville Kauai) and topped it off with the best ice cream in the world!

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