Hawaiian Lei Greetings at the Honolulu Airport

Hawaiian Lei Greetings

The best way to start a Hawaii Vacation is with a Hawaiian Lei Greeting. As we stepped off of the plane at the Honolulu Airport we were greeted with gorgeous Hawaiian Lei Greetings.

John was presented with a beautiful Cigar Lei. The Cigar Lei is created with hundreds of blossoms. The small tubular flowers of the cuphea ignia shrub resemble a cigar. The flowers are orange with a white tip.




I was presented with a fragrant white tuberose lei. Not only is the tuberose lei beautiful it has a fragrant floral jasmine like aroma.


Hawaiian Lei Greetings at the airport


My lei greeter was wearing one of my favorite Hawaiian Leis – the Kukui Nut Lei. In ancient Hawaii the kukui nut was reserved for the reigning Chiefs of Hawaii. The kukui nut is also used to make oils, shampoos and was fuel for torches. Today it is a popular Hawaiian Lei not only for it’s beauty but a kukui nut lei greeting is one that lasts – you can take it home as a reminder of your Hawaii Vacation and the aloha spirit. Hawaii Discount offers both Kukui Nut Lei Greetings and Kukui Nut Bracelets!



I also received one of the most popular Hawaiian Lei Greetings – an Orchid Lei. We wore our beautiful lei greetings to world famous Waikiki Beach.

Lei Greetings in Waikiki Diamond Head


We enjoyed watching the Waikiki Sunset wearing our Hawaiian Lei Greetings.



After taking in the beautiful Waikiki Sunset we enjoyed the signature Hawaii cocktail – a Mai Tai!

Cigar Lei - Mai Tai


Reserve Hawaiian Lei Greetings at the Honolulu Airport, the Kona Airport, the Lihue Airport and the Kahului Airport.  Hawaii Discount offers a variety of Hawaiian Lei Greetings including Standard Lei Greetings, Deluxe Leis, Candy Leis, Ti Leaf Leis, Tuberose Leis, Kukui Nut Leis, Cigar Leis, and even a Kukui Nut Bracelet!

Lei Greetings

Start your Hawaii Vacation with a Hawaiian Lei Greeting! Reserve Hawaiian Lei Greetings today!

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