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Hawaiian Lei Greetings

The flight from Atlanta to Honolulu was long but enjoyable.  I started it off the right way with a Mai Tai.  After 2 movies, 2 meals, a little reading and about 9 nine hours later we finally arrived in Honolulu.
As soon as we stepped off of the plane in Honolulu we were greeted with gorgeous Hawaiian lei greetings! The Hawaii flowers were not only beautiful but they were extremely fragrant. Hawaiian Lei Greetings can be made with Orchids, Plumeria, Tuberose or a combination of these tropical flowers.  You can order a variety of Hawaiian Lei Greetings including  Standard Leis, Superior Leis, Deluxe Leis, Ti Leaf Leis, Tuberose Leis, Cigar Leis, Kukui Nut Leis and even Candy Leis!

That night at the Hawaii Five-0 Premiere it was fun to see the stars wear Hawaiian Leis too!

Danie Dae Kim star of  Hawaii Five-0
Leis were introduced to Hawaii by voyagers from Tahiti. Hawaii Flower Leis were worn by early Hawaiians to beautify themselves and distinguish themselves from others. The lei quickly became the symbol of Hawaii to millions of visitors worldwide.

In early 1900s lei vendors lined the pier at Aloha Tower with Hawaiian Lei Greetings to welcome visitors and kama’aina (locals). Departing visitors threw their Hawaiian leis into the sea as their ship passed Diamond Head hoping that like the leis, they would return to the islands some day.

Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio Tip: To keep your Hawaiian Flower leis fresh keep them in a refrigerator. 

Our bags arrived and we are ready for the fun to begin!  The Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio is ready to hit Honolulu!

Stay tuned! You are not going to want to miss the next installment!  Absolute beginner surfers take on Waikiki Beach. Who do you think conquered the waves? Here is a sneak peek:

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