Hawaiian Lei Greetings, Kukui Nut Bracelets and Waikiki Beach Statues

Hawaiian Lei Greetings

When we arrived at the Honolulu Airport we were greeted with Hawaiian Lei Greetings. Stepping off of the plane and having a fresh fragrant flower lei placed around your neck is the best way to get into the Aloha Spirit.

Lei Greeter at Oahu Airport

Our friendly Hawaii Flower Lei Greeter presented John with a Ti Leaf Lei.  This braided green leaf holds a lot of meaning for Hawaiians – the Ti Leaf Lei is the good luck lei!

Ti Leaf Lei Greeting at Honolulu Airport

Hawaiian Lei Greetings - Oahu Airport

I was presented with a beautiful and fragrant Deluxe Lei. This Deluxe Hawaiian Flower lei was full and lavish.

Honolulu Airport Lei Greetings

Kukui Nut Bracelets

I was also presented with a Kukui Nut Bracelet. The Kukui Nut Bracelet is a glossy long lasting bracelet made from traditional Hawaiian nuts. The meaning of the Kukui Nut Lei is a symbol of wisdom, protection and peace.

Kukui Nut Bracelet Hawaiian Lei Greeting

One reason receiving a Kukui Nut Bracelet was so much fun was I was able to wear it all week to Hawaii Luaus and Hawaii Activities.  Unlike a Hawaiian flower lei, it will last forever.

Kukui Nut Lei Greetings and Bracelets

John and I posing in our beautiful Hawaiian Flower Leis at the Honolulu Airport. Be sure to check out HawaiianLeiGreetings.com for a variety of gorgeous Hawaiian Lei Greetings to choose from!

Lei Greetings in Hawaii

Waikiki Beach Statues

A common question I get is “What should I do with my Hawaiian Flower Leis when I am done with them?” This is a great question. A lei is a gift of welcome and love therefore it is not something you want to throw away. One tradition a lot of visitors like to do is leave their Hawaiian Flower Leis in meaningful locations.  Many visitors return the aloha of the leis by adorning Hawaii statues. We decided to leave our leis with one of my favorite Waikiki Beach Statues, Duke Kahanamoku Statue.

The Duke Statue on Waikiki Beach

Adorning Duke Kahanamoku Statue with Flower Leis


If you do decide to leave your Hawaiian Lei Greetings with the famous Duke Kahanamoku Statue be sure to tell your friends and family what time you are going to be at the Statue and they can watch you on the live Duke Kahanamoku Statue webcam! Here is the link for the webcam http://www1.honolulu.gov/multimed/waikiki.asp

Check out our video as we adorn the Duke Kahanamoku Statue with our Hawaiian Lei Greetings.

Be sure to order Hawaiian Lei Greetings and start off your Hawaii Vacation with the spirit of Aloha! Hawaiian Lei Greetings offers a variety of Lei Greetings on Maui, Oahu, Big Island and Kauai.  Be sure to add the Kukui Nut Bracelet to your order! The Kukui Nut bracelet can be a permanent reminder of your Lei Greeting and Hawaii Vacation!

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