Hawaiian Proverbs and Hawaiian Sayings

Hawaiian Proverbs

Hawaii is the perfect place to reflect which may be one reason the ancient Hawaiians got it right with their wisdom, Hawaiian Proverbs and Hawaiian Sayings.

He lawai’a no ke kai papa’u, he pokole ke aho; he lawai’a no ke kai hohonu he loa ke aho. A fisherman of shallow seas uses only a short line; a fisherman of the deep sea uses a long line. This means that you will only reach as far as you aim and prepare yourself to reach. You will only go as far as you allow yourself to. In my experiences you may come up with an empty line a few times but I have learned if you keep trying and set your sights high you will find success.


O ka makapo wale no ka mea hapapa i ka pouli. Only the blind gropes in the darkness. To me this goes hand in hand with the previous Hawaiian proverbs. You must you aim and prepare to reach where you want to go because if you have no direction in life you will get nowhere “If you are going nowhere, you are guaranteed to get there.” Each day I try to figure out my direction and make a difference.


He puko’a kani ‘aina. A coral reef (hardens/strengthens/sounds out) into land. This is one of the most popular Hawaiian Proverbs. When the ancient Hawaiians traveled around the Pacific, the Hawaiians would pass by many coralheads which the the navigators would mark in their memories and pass on their apprentices. Eventually they would notice these small coralheads would grow into a full islands. This made them realize that we can’t expect full-blown success right away, often we start small and over time, like a coralhead, we will mature and be successful.



I ka ‘olelo no ke ola, i ka ‘olelo no ka make. In speech is life, in speech is death. In ancient Hawai’i, a kahuna ‘ana’ana could pray someone to death or counter another’s death prayer. The saying tells the Hawaiians that words can either be a source for healing or destroying and so we need to be careful with our words.

An ancient Heaiu or Hawaiian Temple seen on the Zen Tour

An ancient Heaiu or Hawaiian Temple seen on the Zen Tour


I recently turned another year older which is why I have been reflecting on the year and Hawaiian Proverbs. I can’t wait to spend the next year experiencing the best Hawaii Activities! I am always trying to capture the beauty of Hawaii Activities to share with you!


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What are your favorite Hawaiian Proverbs?

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