Interisland Flights Hawaii

Interisland Flights

The number one question we get at Hawaii Discount is “Which Island For My Hawaii Vacation?”  Another popular question is “What is The Best Way To See Several Islands on our Hawaii Vacation?”

An easy way to Island Hop is to reserve Interisland flights to Hawaii Islands on carriers such as Hawaiian Air, Island Air, or Go!Mokulele.

When the Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio recently flew from Oahu to spend a few days in Kona we flew on Hawaiian Air. The Hawaiian Air interisland flights were on time and the employees were very friendly.  Hawaiian Air is the airline used by the characters in the film The Descendants to fly from Oahu to Kauai.

Hawaii Discount makes it easy to island hop.  If you want to go to another island for the day check out Oahu to Other Island Tours, Kauai to Oahu Day Tour, Maui to Big Island Volcano Tour, Maui to Oahu Day Tour, and Big Island To Oahu Day Tour.

Aerial View of Diamond Head

Aerial View of Hanauma Bay

Hawaii Discount even offers Oahu to Other Island Day Trips – Fly and then drive on your own.  These Hawaii packages include your flight and rental car. This is perfect if you want explore another island on your own for the day.

Another way to see all of the islands is on Hawaii Cruises with Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America cruise.  If you are going to be on Hawaii Cruises to all of the islands be sure to check out Hawaii Discount Cruise Excursions for the lowest prices on Pride of America Shore Excursions.

Whether you choose to spend your entire Hawaii Vacation enjoying to beauty of one Hawaiian Island or you decide to Island Hop and see the beauty of several islands, Hawaii Discount has the best Hawaii Activities to make your Hawaii Vacation fun and memorable!

Do you prefer to stay on one Hawaiian Island or Island Hop?

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