Jet Lev Water Jet Pack Hawaii

Jet Lev Hawaii

You no longer have to be James Bond or a Super Hero to experience the rush of a Jet Pack! Jet Lev Water Jet Pack is now available on Oahu. The Jet Lev was one of the Hawaii Activities I was most excited about and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

We were picked up in Waikiki and checked in at the Sea Breeze Water Sports office in Hawaii Kai. The JetLev Water Jet Pack Hawaii experience began with a short boat ride to the launch point for Sea Breeze Water Sports in beautiful Maunalua Bay.  At the launch point we had a 20 minute instruction period where our Certified Flight Instructor went over the JetLev, the controls and how to operate it.

The JetLev Jet Pack – it is large but it floats.

The first time you fly the JetLev Jet Pack the instructor controls the throttle with a JetLev remote.

We went over a few final safety points before getting in the water.

Safety checklist is complete – I am ready for the Water Jet Pack!

Last minute instruction

Turning the key and getting the Jet Lev started!

Most first-time Jet Lev pilots are up and flying in 5-10 minutes. It takes a few minutes to get used to the Water Jet Pack.

It was such a rush once I began soaring over the water.

Throughout the entire JetLev flight my instructor gave great directions via the walkie-talkie located in the safety helmet.

There is more to Jet Lev then just slipping on a Water Jet Pack and flying through the air. It takes control and balance. Our instructor did an amazing job giving directions so we could soar through the air. I did take a few spills but when I fell I got right back up and tried it again! After this initial JetLev experience I am hooked and want to have another flight. Now that I have a feel for it I think I could do even better and go higher – not to mention the feeling of flying with a Water Jet Pack is just plain awesome!

John was a natural and never fell into the water. He flew past Koko Head and around scenic Maunalua Bay for about 20 minutes. Check out his Jet Lev Video:

The JetLev pod unit pumps water from the ocean, pushes it up the 33 foot hose and into the jetpack. The water is directed downward from the control nozzles, propelling the pilot smoothly up into the air.

For pilots who fall in love with the Jet Lev Experience and want to take their flying to the next level, a follow-up flight package is offered where capable pilots have the opportunity to control their own throttle!

Sea Breeze Water Sports is the only place in Hawaii where you can experience the JetLev Water Jet Pack.  Reserve Jet Lev Water Jet Pack with Hawaii Discount and experience the ultimate in Hawaii Water Sports!

If you have any questions about Jet Lev Water Jet Pack in Hawaii please post them in the comments section!

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  4. Imelda Subora says:


    How much is your Jet Lev Package for 25 minutes?

    What are the times I can do this?

    Kindly reply the soonest, I am trying to book it for my boss who is wanting to do it on September 3.

    Will really appreciate it.

    Thanks a lot.


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