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Kauai ATV Tours

It was my last day on Kauai and I had time to squeeze in one more Kauai Activity. I was blown away by Koloa Zipline and had such a blast on their tour I decided to try out Kauai ATV Tours which is run by the same company as Koloa Zipline.


Kauai ATV Tours Do Something Dirty Sign


I checked in at the office in Koloa. This location is very convenient to Poipu. After check in I drove a short distance to the location where we received our gear and ATV. They even offered clothing for us to borrow. Their slogan is “Do Something Dirty” so I figured I should take them up on it! I am glad I did! Since I drove an ATV with Kipu Ranch Adventures I decided to try the Mud Bunny. The Mud Bunny is a 1 passenger dune buggy.


ATV Tour on Kauai


I was ready to roll!


Kauai ATV Mudbug


We had been on this Hawaii Tour for less than 5 minutes when it lived up to it’s slogan “Do Something Dirty.” We drove through giant mud puddles and got covered in mud!


Kauai ATV Tours Poipu


We had a variety of ATVs in our tour. When you reserve Kauai ATV Tours you choose which vehicle you want to drive. They offer Yamaha fully automatic 250 CC ATVs, the 1 passenger dune buggy the Mud Bunny, the 2 passenger dune buggy the Mud Bug, and a 4 seater dune buggy the Ohana Bug.

We stopped to take a photo in front of the Koloa Sugar Mill.  It was cool seeing the historic Koloa Sugar Mill up close. Koloa Sugar Mill was founded in 1835 and closed in 1996.


Kauai ATVs Mudbugs Mudbunnies


As we continued on the Kauai ATV Tour we were treated to more amazing views.


Hawaii Tours Koloa Poipu Kauai


One of my favorite parts of Kauai ATV Tours was driving through the half mile tunnel, Wilcox Tunnel. This tunnel served as a shortcut and saved many miles for the haul cane trucks heading to the Koloa mill and the trucks delivering raw sugar to Nawiliwili Harbor.


Kauai Tunnels Hawaii Tours Sugarcane Tunnel


The trails provided a variety of terrain.


Kauai ATV Tours Mud bug


We drove to a beautiful waterfall where we went swimming and had lunch. I didn’t realize how dirty my face was until I saw this photo.


Kauai Waterfalls - Kauai ATV


The Kauai ATV Tour guides were great and made these Hawaii Tours even more enjoyable!


Hawaii Tours ATV Tours Kauai


After our lunch break we drove through this! So much fun! This shot should convince you to borrow the clothes they offer.


Kauai ATV Tours -2


We stopped at this World War II Bunker. After hearing a brief history from our guide we were able to walk around inside.


Kauai ATV World War II Bunker


The views throughout the tour are spectacular. We drove past this breathtaking location seen in Jurassic Park.


Kauai Tours scenes from Jurassic Park


As the tour ended I took in the sights thankful for the opportunity to experience the beauty of Kauai with Kauai ATV Tours.


Kauai ATV Hawaii Tours


Reserve Kauai ATV Tours with Hawaii Discount. Kauai ATV Tours are a fun and exciting way to experience scenic Kauai. My #1 tip for Kauai ATV Tours would be to borrow their clothing and wear your swimsuit underneath!

Have you been on Kauai ATV Tours?

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I LOVE this! It looks like so much fun – without being scary! (I’m a huge chicken, so sometimes it’s hard to find crazy outdoors stuff that doesn’t leave my knees knocking!)

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes you would love it! You could get the mud bug and have your husband drive so you can just enjoy the ride! Just be ready to get dirty!

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  3. Jennifer Taylor says:

    Which tour is this one?

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