Kauai Surfing – Hanalei Bay

Kauai Surfing

Every year I like to reflect on the last 12 months. Each year I try to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. This year I tried Kauai surfing for the first time and loved it! You may have read about my first surfing lesson in Waikiki and my second attempt in Kona. After that first Oahu Surf Lesson I was hooked! There is nothing like being out in the ocean among beautiful scenery enjoying a sport that is simply you versus the ocean. Each wave that I missed and each time that I fell motivated me to try harder.

When we were on Kauai I couldn’t wait to try surfing at Hanalei Bay. Hanalei Bay is the famous location used in the film South Pacific and most recently in The Descendants.

Each beach I have surfed has been unique. Hanalei Bay was no exception. The backdrop was unbelievable. To be out in the water with such breathtaking scenery was surreal.

I had a great coach for Kauai Surfing! A good friend of Hawaii Discount helped me catch some waves. It took a while but I was determined and finally caught a few!

Kauai is known for famous surfers such as Andy Irons and Bruce Irons. My favorite surfer and inspiration was actually surfing Hanalei Bay the week we were there.  Another good friend of Hawaii Discount (also named Elizabeth) had the pleasure of watching Bethany Hamilton surf and got the chance to meet her. Bethany was as gracious in person as she appears to be in the hit movie based on her life, Soul Surfer. Bethany Hamilton is a positive role model and inspiration. If you haven’t seen Soul Surfer yet you should go rent it. Great movie!

If you are going to be on Kauai’s North Shore I highly recommend checking out Hanalei Bay. It is a great place to hang out on the beach and relax. If you want to be active Hawaii Discount offers Kauai Activities such as Kauai Surfing and Kauai Kayaking. Just be sure to bring a camera – you never know who you might run into!

Where is your favorite place to surf on Kauai?

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  1. I cannot believe you SURF…that is so freaking cool!!! I’ve only had the pleasure of going to Hawaii once (honeymoon) and am dying to go back and do something as adventurous as getting in the ocean and attempting to surf (way out of my comfort zone!). Hawaii is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth and everyone should have the privilege of visiting at least once in a lifetime!

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