Kauai Tree Tunnel

Kauai Tree Tunnel

Each time I arrive on Kauai and head to Poipu there is a certain point when I know I am “home” – when I drive through the Kauai Tree Tunnel.  There is a sense of comfort that comes over me when I drive through the beautiful canopy of Eucalyptus trees.


Kauai Tree Tunnel Hawaii


The mile long stretch of Eucalyptus Robusta (also known as Swamp Mahogany) is native to southeastern Australia and can grow to 180 feet or more. Walter Duncan McBryde planted these Eucalyptus Trees over 150 years ago.


Tunnel of Trees Kauai


The trees form a complete, closed canopy across the top.  The Kauai Tree Tunnel has been damaged by two hurricanes but has grown back both times.

Kauai’s Tunnel of Trees is the gateway to the South Shore of Kauai and the towns of Koloa and Poipu. The Kauai Tree Tunnel takes you to some of the best Kauai Activities such as Kauai ATV Tours and Koloa Zipline Tour. Kauai ATV Tours live up to their slogan “Do Something Dirty!” Koloa Zipline Tour combines adrenaline with breathtaking views and you zip over the Garden Isle – you can even zip at night! The Kauai Tree Tunnel also leads to some of my favorite Kauai hotels, the Grand Hyatt Kauai and the Sheraton Kauai. Last but not least it is also the gateway to one of my favorite Kauai Restaurants, Red Salt!

The answer to our #TriviaTuesday question on the Hawaii Discount Facebook Page is Eucalyptus! Thank you to all that posted your guesses and to Jason O’Rourke Photography for sharing his beautiful photo of the Kauai Tree Tunnel on our Facebook page! Be sure to check back next week for another trivia question!


Kauai Tree Tunnel


Directions to the Tunnel of Trees Kauai located Maluhia Road, South Kauai:
Take Highway 50 east. Turn right on Highway 520, Maluhia Road. The Kauai Tree Tunnel lines the first section of Maluhia road on the way to Poipu.

Have you ever driven through the Kauai Tree Tunnel?

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