Kauai Tubing

Kauai Tubing

Last week we wrote a post about the Top 10 Hawaii Activities.  This week the controller of Hawaii Discount, Julie Turok, spent the afternoon enjoying one of the Kauai Activities from the list, Kauai Backcountry Adventures Tubing.  Julie describes Kauai Tubing as “A relaxing and refreshing activity.  It is so nice to just lay back on the inner tube and see all the beautiful scenery as you go by.” 

Kauai Tubing is a one of a kind activity in all of Hawaii.  Kauai Backcountry Adventures Tubing takes place in old sugar plantation irrigation canals. The gently flowing water creates a Kauai tubing adventure perfect for all fitness levels.   Kauai Backcounty Tubing is a water system that once irrigated Kauai’s sugar crops.  The irrigation system has been unused since 2000 when sugar was taken out of production.  Finding an alternative use for the irrigation system that was no longer needed is a win-win for everyone. The system provides Kauai Backcountry Adventures with Kauai Tubing, an exciting business opportunity.  It provides the consumer the opportunity to experience a memorable Kauai Tubing Adventure on previously inaccessible land.  It provides the plantation with revenue to keep the irrigation system current and in good operation.

After a scenic ride to the top of the mountain, get in your Kauai tube and float away!  The water in the canal comes from rainfall from Mount Waialeale – the wettest spot on earth.  This dormant volcano peak receives over 500 inches of rain per year! 

The waterway and ditch system winds through rushing flumes, open canals and mysterious tunnels.  Participants in Kauai Tubing wear hardhats with lights because 70% of the tour is underground! Float through the mountains in tunnels dug by hand during the American Civil War. 

Kauai Tubing is one of the most popular Kauai Activities. Tubing in Kauai is fun for all ages! 

Take in the stunning views of the jungle as you float down the canal.  Kauai Backcountry Tubing Adventure runs through some of the most beautiful land on Kauai with spectacular views of the coastline, ocean and valleys.

At the end of the tour, everyone has lunch together and then has the opportunity to swim one final time at a private swimming hole. What a way to cool off!

Contact Hawaii Discount with any questions regarding Kauai Tubing or other Kauai Activities.  Be sure to reserve Kauai Backcountry Tubing as soon as possible because it fills up quickly due to popularity.  

If you have experienced Kauai Tubing with Kauai Backcountry Adventures what was your favorite part?  Please leave a comment! We would love to hear from you!
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