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Kauai Zipline Tour

The first adventure for this brother/sister duo in Kauai was Princeville Ranch Adventures Zip N Dip.  This Kauai Tour boasts 9 scenic ziplines, a suspension bridge and lunch at a hidden swimming hole.


When we arrived at Princeville Ranch Adventures, the friendly staff greeted us and helped us with the Kauai Zip Lines check in process.

We met our guides and they assisted us as we suited up in our equipment – harness and helmet.

After a short drive to the Princeville Ranch Adventures Zipline Course we had a safety briefing. We got to know everyone in our small group and then we were ready for the first zip – a short line to get us warmed up for the Zip Line Course.

John, who has experienced various Hawaii Ziplines, showed the group how it was done.

The first real line was 460 ft Lehua. Running off of the platform was such a rush. Since I conquered my fear of ziplines on my Big Island Zipline adventure I was able to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery as I zipped. One of my favorite lines was Hau Bush Run (320 ft) where they encouraged us to run off the platform backwards!

As we continued the Kauai Zip Line course each line had something to offer.  Our Princeville Ranch Adventures guides made each line fun and exciting as they brought the group together.

Along the course was a suspension bridge.  We had fun racing across while trying not to hold on to the sides.

With the mountains as the backdrop, the scenery from the Princeville Ranch Adventures zipline course was breathtaking.

The morning flew by (pun intended) as we soared over Kauai.


We took a short hike to a hidden water hole for swimming and lunch.

After we finished eating John and I went on a short hike with one of the guides. He showed us some of the flora on the trail and explained uses of various plants.

After lunch we headed to the final zip. The last line was bittersweet.  I hated to see the Kauai zipline adventure end but I was ready to experience the biggest line of the day – King Kong, a dual line at 1,200 feet. Several duos in our group made bets who would win as they raced across. Since I was racing the Hawaii Ziplines expert I declined a wager and captured the line on video instead.  Check out our Princeville Ranch Adventures Zip N Dip Video.

After enjoying lines ranging from 220 feet (Okole Hau) to 740 feet (Big Kahuna) we were ready to take on King Kong.

Before zipping I took a moment to take in the beautiful views from the top of King Kong.


Princeville Ranch Adventures Zip N Dip was a great success! This is a Kauai Zipline Tour I highly recommend.  From the breathtaking sights of the ziplines to the friendly, efficient guides – this Kauai Zipline Tour has it all.  They keep the groups small and the guides were extremely efficient in getting everyone clipped in and out.  The tour moved quickly and there was little down time.

If you are interested in zipping but want a shorter tour you can check out the Princeville Ranch Adventures Zip Express.  You still zip the entire course but without a stop at the swimming hole.

If your Hawaii Vacation is going to take you to Kauai be sure to check out Princeville Ranch Adventures.  The exhilarating Kauai Zipline Tour made for a memorable morning. Princeville Ranch Adventures also offers Kauai Horseback RidingKalihiwai Falls Hiking, and their unique Jungle Valley Adventure.

Have you experienced Hawaii Ziplines?


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