Kauai Zipline Tours – Koloa Zipline

Kauai Zipline Tours

One of the highlights of my recent time on Kauai was Kauai Zipline Tours with Koloa Zipline. This is a fairly new zipline and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

When we arrived we were fitted with our zipline gear.

Kauai Ziplines Koloa Zipline Helmets


Next we each received one on one instruction at Koloa Zipline’s unique Ground School.  This is a place where you can learn the basics of zipping before you get on the course. They also taught us several tricks such as how to zip hands free and how to zip upside down.

Koloa Zipline Ground School


We jumped in a pinzgauer and rode to line 1! We were ready to zip the Koloa Zipline course!

Kauai Ziplines Koloa Zipline


Brandon is ready for line one. The first line is short and sweet. Derek, our guide, referred to it as Zipline Kindergarten. This line is basically a warm up to get everyone ready for the course. Don’t worry we graduated to longer and faster lines quickly!

Kauai Zipline Tours Line One


On each line the guides had a different trick they encouraged us to try. On this line we were encouraged to zip hands free! It was such a great feeling to soar through scenic Kauai like a bird.

Zipline in Kauai


Our hilarious guide Derek kept everyone laughing throughout the entire tour!

Kauai Zipline near Poipu


The scenic views on this Kauai Zipline Tour are breathtaking!

Kauai Zipline Koloa Zipline Tours


On line 5 we were encouraged to free fall backwards without holding on – they call it the “Huli Maka Plunge.” My brain didn’t think it was a great idea but once I did it was exhilarating!

Kauai Zipline Tours Hawaii

Best Kauai ZIpline Tours


Check out the video of our Koloa Zipline Kauai Zipline Tour!


We took a short break for some snacks and to goof around. The beautiful views on Koloa Zipline Tours are locations used in Jurassic Park but we were surprised to see a dinosaur!

Jurassic Park Koloa Zipline


As we continued on the Kauai Zipline Tour we gained confidence and were ready to try some of the tricks we learned in Koloa Zipline Ground School.

Hawaii Zipline Tours Koloa Zipline


Brandon perfected the upside down zip!

Kauai Zipline Tours Poipu Koloa


Line 8, the last line on Koloa Zipline Tours, is a half mile long. This line is the longest zipline on Kauai! Koloa Zipline Tours actually has 3 of the longest ziplines on Kauai! Here we are coming in after zipping the half mile line!

Longest Zipline on Kauai

Kauai Zipline Tours Longest Line

Koloa Zipline Line 8


John at the landing for Koloa Zipline Line 8. We conquered another Hawaii Zipline course and had a blast doing it!

Hawaii Zipline Tours


We had a great afternoon with Koloa Zipline. Conveniently located near Poipu this is one of the Kauai Activities you should not miss!

Koloa Zipline Tours Hawaii


Koloa Zipline also offers tandem ziplining.  Guests between the ages of 7 and 10 years old or less than 70 pounds can zipline with another light weight guest or with a guide. The tandem ziplining at Koloa Zipline is not two lines side by side! The two people share the same line!

Tandem ZIplines in Kauai


Hawaii Discount offers the best Kauai Zipline Tours. Be sure to reserve Koloa Zipline with Hawaii Discount for one of the most memorable Hawaii Activities of your Hawaii Vacation!

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