Kauai Zipline Tours – Princeville Ranch Adventures Zip N Dip

Kauai Zipline Tours

“Kauai Zipline Tours – Princeville Ranch Adventures Zip N Dip” is by guest blogger, MT,  a champion East Coast Surfer who is attending the University of Hawaii this summer. Be sure to subscribe to Hawaii Discount Blog to keep up with her Hawaii adventure “University of Hawaii – Hawaii Tours and College Life.”

Maddie and I arrived at Princeville Ranch Adventures ready for our Kauai Zipline Tour! It has been Maddie’s dream since she was a child to go ziplining but she could never convince her family to go. Least to say we were bubbling with excitement. We arrived on time and ready to go. Our group had eleven people all of which were from California except for me. There was one family, two couples, and Maddie and me. We got geared up into our comfortable one piece harness then hopped into the back of the WWII era truck. Off through the dirt roads, round the bend and through a magnificent horse pasture with over two dozen horses resting for the day.



Kauai Zipline Tours


Quickly we arrive at the start of the first Kauai zipline. It was the shortest line of the day. It was basically a test run explaining how everything worked. Essentially you just hold on and go! The handsome instructors stop you at the end and help you get off. It was easy as that! The group lined up single file and somehow Maddie got in the front. She was so pumped to experience the Kauai Zipline! Once all strapped in they tell you to run off of the edge. So off she ran with grace right off the edge of the ziplining tower and flew to the other side with ease. Next it was my turn. I stepped up to the line, got strapped in and ran with confidence and excitement. I was floating through the air. Halfway through the line I realized that I forgot how to turn! Slowly I started spinning and I could see the entire valley. I landed at the next platform backwards and on my bottom. Oops! Maddie was laughing at my glorious landing.


Kauai Zipline Princeville Ranch Adventures


As we rode the next seven lines. Laughter ensued as we tried to do the most creative poses. We stopped for lunch at a gorgeous waterfall where we jumped off of a little cliff and floated in the inner tubes. It was a perfect way to cool off and get out of the sun for a bit. Lunch consisted of healthy turkey sandwiches, chips, and cookies.

The last line was waiting for us. It is the longest line of all and it is called the King Kong. It spanned 1,200 ft across a valley and river. On the King Kong you could race! Maddie and I being competitive souls started trash talking each other. In the end she won by twenty feet. I was so close.

King Kong Kauai Zipline


We had a great time on Kauai Ziplines with Princeville Ranch Adventures. Reserve Princeville Ranch Adventures with Hawaii Discount and enjoy the best Kauai Activities at low prices!

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