Kauai Zipline Tours – Koloa Zipline and Tandem Zip

Kauai Zipline Tours

If you are looking for Kauai Activities that the entire family can enjoy be sure to look into Kauai Zipline Tours. Koloa Zipline is available to guests age 7 and older. I was excited for my kids to finally experience Hawaii Ziplines. As we checked in at the office in Koloa I had no idea I was about to make some of the sweetest memories of my life!

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Koloa Zipline Tours begin with their unique “Ground School.” At Ground School each guest received a one on one zip line lesson on how to zip in a controlled environment. We learned how to steer and how to do tricks such as upside down zipping, hands free zipping and spinning. I loved the chance to get used to the harness and equipment in the comfort of Ground School. Learning how to zip at Ground School gave the kids more confidence as they got ready to conquer the Koloa Zipline Course.

Ground School Zipline Training Kauai Zipline Tours


After Ground School we enjoyed a short scenic ride to the first line. Everyone was excited and a bit nervous as we stepped off of the platform for the first time. John and I chose to use Koloa Zipline’s Flyin Kau’ian Harness. This harness allowed us to soar headfirst like a superhero through the zipline course. I have been on several Hawaii Zipline Tours and the Superman harness was the most thrilling experience of all! I highly recommend the Flyin Kau’ian Harness upgrade to simulate the feeling that you are truly flying through paradise.

Flyin Kauian Superman Harness Koloa Zipline
One reason I was excited to take the kids on Koloa Zipline Tours was because of Koloa’s unique Tandem Zipping. At Koloa Zipline two lighter weight guests can ride together. The kids had a great time zipping together.

Tandem Zipline Koloa Kauai Zipline Tours


We even got a chance to switch it up and we took turns tandem zipping.



Koloa Zipline Tours Kauai Tandem


Koloa Zipline Tours go out rain or shine. The rain began to come down but it did not put a damper on the fun! It rained for about 2 lines but then the sun came out again. It was exhilarating zipping in the rain!

Tandem Kauai Zipline


The sun returned and by this time we were gaining courage to try some of the tricks we learned in Ground School. We gave John a “10” for his form on this line!

Kauai Zipline Tours Poipu


Due to weight restrictions the kids had to zip tandem on most of the lines but they were able to zip alone on several lines.

Koloa Zip line Tours Kauai Poipu


Spending the day as a family at this Kauai Zipline Course was one of the best days of my life. I will always cherish the memories of zipping tandem with the kids and we soared and squealed through some of the most beautiful views on Earth.

Tandem Zipline Koloa Zipline Tours


One small step can change your life. Several years ago when I went on my first zip line tour I was afraid of heights and terrified to step off of the platform. I faced my fear head on and it was because of that one small step that I was able to conquer my fear. It gave me courage to try other Hawaii Activities and eventually share an amazing Kauai Zipline experience with my kids. Don’t overlook the small steps you need to make in life – the smallest ones often have the highest returns.

Kauai Ziplines


Have you experienced Kauai Zipline Tours? Did you enjoy it? Did you conquer a fear?

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