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Kauai Ziplines

If you are looking for the longest Kauai Ziplines check out Koloa Zipline Tours! The 8 line Hawaii Zipline course will have you flying through the jungle, soaring above the forest and gliding across the water.


These Kauai Ziplines begin with “Ground school.” At Koloa Zipline Ground School you learn and experience how to zip in a controlled environment before you arrive at the course itself. Koloa Zipline’s easy to control gear will make taking pictures and video of your tour simple, while allowing you to take in the scenic views. Ground School includes customized harness adjustments, lessons on steering and instructions on all the tricks which include zipping upside down, going hands free and spinning.


Each of these Kauai Ziplines are named after the surroundings. The Koloa Zipline tour begins at “Malaluca” named for the pear tree forest. The Kauai Zipline tour concludes with the “Waita” zipline where you glide above the Waita reservoir on a ½ mile zipline across the water.  This is the longest zipline on Kauai!

Koloa Zipline is one of the best Kauai Ziplines to experience with the family! As long as participants are at least 7 years old there is no minimum weight limit! Koloa Zipline offers a unique tandem zipline where 2 children can zip together or zip with a guide! Koloa Zipline Tours is one of the best Hawaii Activities the family can enjoy together!


With Kauai’s longest zipline and the tandem zipline for children, Koloa Zipline is a unique zipline experience! Don’t miss the exhilarating ziplines and scenic views on Koloa Zipline Tours. Check out this video of their longest line!

If you are looking for the best Kauai Ziplines be sure to check out Koloa Zipline! Reserve Kauai Ziplines with Hawaii Discount for the best prices on the best Hawaii Activities!

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