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I have participated in many Hawaii Tours but the Kipu Ranch Adventures 3 Hour Ranch Mountain Tour was my first ATV Tour.  We had a huge rainstorm on Kauai the night before the tour. I was afraid it would still be raining for the ATV tour but the conditions were perfect – the sun came out yet we had a ton of mud puddles to plow through during the Kipu Ranch ATV Tour.

Kipu Ranch Adventures Check in


I checked in and was given some safety gear.  Kipu Ranch offers a variety of ATVs to choose from.  I chose the Kawasaki Brute Force 740 4X4 ATV.  It has a powerful engine for the steep mountain trails and the fully automatic transmission made it easy for an ATV newbie like me to operate.  The other parties on our tour chose the Kawasaki Teryx-4 740 4X4. The Teryx seats up to 4 passengers and drives more like a car. The couples had fun riding together and since we had several stops they had a chance to switch drivers.

Kipu Ranch Adventures ATV Tours


I had never driven an ATV in my life and was a bit intimidated.  After a safety briefing and instruction we did a few runs on the test track. Although I was still a little nervous I was ready to hit the trails.

Kipu Ranch Kauai ATV Tours


The beginning of the ride was easy and scenic.  As I absorbed the scenery I forgot about being nervous. Our guides were amazing! They made everyone feel welcome and gave us a lot of information about the areas we were riding through. We learned about the history of Kipu Ranch, a 3,000 acre private cattle ranch that extends from the Huleia River to the top of Mt. Haupu.

Kipu Ranch Adventures ATV Tours

Kipu Ranch Movie Locations


We made a stop for one additional safety briefing about how to handle the vehicles on the steep terrain. I applaud Kipu Ranch ATV for being so thorough with ATV safety.

Kipu Ranch Safety for Kauai ATVs


We hopped back on our Kauai ATVs and continued up the mountain on some challenging terrain. It was fun with all of the roots, rocks and mud puddles. I quickly learned the faster I drove through the mud the muddier I got – of course getting dirty was part of the fun.

Hawaii ATV Tours


We made a stop to take in the amazing views of the Haupu Mountain Range, the Huleia Valley and the Menehune Fishpond.  They guides gave us information about each location and took photos for everyone.

 Kipu Ranch Hawaii ATV Tours


Kipu Ranch is a favorite Kauai movie location. We saw the beautiful mountain backdrop used in Jurassic Park. We even had the opportunity to swing on the rope swing over the Huleia River just like Indiana Jones in the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Kipu Ranch Movie Locations


They saved my favorite Kauai movie location for last. We drove to the top of Mt. Haupu for a view of Kipu Kai.  We saw the breathtaking view famous from the movie The Descendants. We were told that 95% of those who live on Kauai haven’t seen this view because of the private location. The movie and photos do not do justice to this view and I just stood there and soaked in the beauty of Kipu Kai.

The Descendants Beach Kauai


I was much more confident in my ATV abilities by this time and cranked it up a notch on the ride back to Kipu Ranch Adventures headquarters.

ATV Tours


I was sad to see the tour end. With so many beautiful views and the thrill of driving an ATV over fun terrain and through mud puddles I had an absolute blast on this tour! I originally chose this tour simply to see the beach from The Descendants but walked away ready to buy my own ATV! The scenery, friendly guides and fun ATVs made this one of the best Hawaii Tours. Since Kipu Ranch is private property ATV Tours are one of the few ways to be able to experience the amazing views at the ranch. Hawaii Discount offers low prices on the Kipu Ranch Adventures Three Hour Ranch Mountain Tour and the Kipu Ranch Four Hour Waterfall Tour. Don’t miss out on Kauai ATV Tours on your Hawaii Vacation.

Have you been on a Hawaii ATV Tour?

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  2. Oh, this is another option we are considering for our trip to Kauai. There are just so many fun things to do that it’s hard to pick which ones!

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