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As we drove to the Kona Airport I was like a kid on Christmas morning – excited to experience a 2 hour helicopter tour over one of the most beautiful islands in the world. We were going on Kona Helicopter Tours Hawaii Experience Tour with Paradise Helicopters.

Kona Helicopter Tours:


We checked into the Paradise Helicopters office at the Kona airport. Once everyone arrived we met our pilot and he showed us a map with the route we would be taking. We were going around the entire island. After a safety briefing we stepped on board the BELL 407 Helicopter. These Kona Helicopter Tours offered two-way communication so we were able to speak directly to the pilot during the tour. After we tested our headphones and microphones we were off.

We began our flight over Honokohau Harbor, where many of the best Big Island Fishing Tours depart. We had a birds eye view of the town of Kona and even saw the Kona Sheraton where we were staying. Next we headed across desolate lava fields to one of my favorite sights on the entire tour – the green sand beach. Papakolea Beach is located at the southern tip of the island. The sand gets it’s color from the olivine crystals from eruptions of a volcano years ago. This is one of only four green sand beaches in the world.

Kona Helicopter Tours Green Sand Beach
Next we soared over a black sand beach. Hawaii’s stunning black sand beaches are created as hot lava enters the water and cools so quickly that it solidifies and shatters into black sand.

Kona Helicopter Tours Black Sand Beach


After this we were off to see the current volcanic activity. We could see smoke billowing in the distance. We flew over lava, burning tress and a path of destruction. It was humbling to see such a display from mother nature.

Kona Helicopter Tours Kilauea Volcano


Next we headed towards the North Shore – we flew over the waters and were treated to some humpback whale sightings. As we flew along the coast we saw the rugged coastline and stunning waterfalls. We flew into the emerald green valley with abundant waterfalls. Next we headed back towards the Kona Airport over the luxury Big Island Resorts and beautiful white sand beaches.

Kona Helicopter Tours  Hawaii Waterfalls


The Big Island is home to 11 of the world’s 13 climate zones. The drastic climate changes appeared right before our eyes. Every moment of the tour offered a feast for the eyes.

I highly recommend this tour. The convenient Kona check in and the opportunity to see the entire island makes this one of the best Big Island Helicopter Tours. It is easy to reserve the Kona Hawaiian Experience Helicopter Tour with Hawaii Discount.

If you are looking for a shorter tour with an emphasis on current volcanic activity be sure to check out Big Island Helicopter Tours departing from the Hilo Airport.

Have you ever been on Kona Helicopter Tours? What were your favorite sights?


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