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Hawaii Shave Ice

When you think of cool treats in Hawaii one thing that comes to mind is Hawaii Shave Ice! (The other is a Mai Tai but that’s a completely different blog post). Located in Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu, Matsumoto’s has the reputation of being the best Hawaii shave ice!  It was up to The Traveling Trio to check it out and find out if its reputation of being the best is true.
When we arrived at Matsumoto’s a line snaked out the door, so we figured it must be good. While we waited we made some of the toughest decisions of the week.  What flavor? Add Vanilla Ice Cream? Add Azuki Beans? Decisions, Decisions! I finally settled on Grape, Cherry and Lilikoi (passion fruit).  I figured to go all out and add the ice cream and azuki beans as well.  Not as nerve racking as catching my first wavedancing the hula on stage or even getting leid for the first time – but I was a bit apprehensive about having beans in my Hawaii shave ice.
The line moved fast and it was fun watching them make the tasty treats.
We sat on the bench in front of the store and dug into the colorful creations! It was delicious! The lilikoi was my favorite.  The ice cream on the bottom was a nice touch. The azuki beans? I am glad I tried them but next time I think I will leave off the sweet and chewy beans.
M. Matsumoto Grocery Store opened in 1951 and in 1956 they added Shave Ice. Don’t even think about calling it a snow cone! The shave ice has a light texture that allows Matsumoto’s homemade syrup to float through the ice. During summer months they make 1,000 shave ices a day!
The Traveling Trio all agreed Matsumoto’s has the best Hawaii shave ice. I can’t wait to return to Matsumoto’s. I already know my next order – Lilikoi, Mango and Cotton Candy!

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Hawaii Tours Traveling Trio Tip:
Invest in the 25 cent plastic shave ice holder. These treats can be messy especially on a hot day!
What is your favorite place for Hawaii Shave Ice?
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